PHILIPS MASTER Son-T Plus Hydroponics 150W HPS Light Globe E40 $19 Delivered @ Eeet5p eBay


A quality HPS lamp with low consumption and good performance values.

The quality high pressure sodium lamp by Philips in "small".
Even though the 150 W model doesn't achieve the same level of efficiency as the more powerful models, it certainly has concrete benefits compared to others in its performance class. Its low power consumption is of interest to small-scale gardeners, who wish to reduce their consumption without having to do without HPS lighting.

"SON-T PIA" (PIA = Philips Integrated Antenna) refers to the ignition technology used by Philips, which offers more reliability and a reduced rate of premature failure. This is a solid choice for those with a preference for quality.

The Philips SON-T Plus 150 W ensures a stable luminous flux (ideally with an electronic ballast), and its colour temperature is in the red spectrum, which makes it perfect for the flowering phase.

Note: To operate this lamp, a ballast with suitable performance values (150 W) is required, as well as an E40 bulb holder.

Tip: Never touch the glass parts of lamps with bare hands! The skin's oils can reduce the lifetime and luminosity of the lamp.

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    Came here for the comments. Disappointed there's none.

    • What comments were you expecting?

      edit: Ohh, I think get it. That it's for growing pot.

      • To be fair you could grow other stuff.

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    wow man, great price, oily hands'll mess it up - good to know dude - how's it go in greening phase? Any reason to buy this and not LED nowadays other than heat and price?

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    Why do you need to worry about power consumption when you bypass the power meter

  • 150w should give plenty of power for my um…indoor lighting needs and could be used as a heatlamp