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Free Fast Delivery with No Min Spend (Excludes Medicine) @ Chemist Warehouse (Select Locations)


Chemist Warehouse have a limited time promotion for free same day delivery on online purchases, with no minimum spend.
Ordered a $15 item at 3pm and i already have a notification that the driver is on the way (3:45pm delivery estimate, in Melbourne).

Handy for those WFH and can't be bothered making a trip.

*Does not apply to medicines (I assume prescriptions) and not available in all areas.

Note: I tried a few different items and the deal does not apply to some that are low stock or not available online.

Edit: Got my order delivered just now. Took a little under 35mins from when I placed the order.

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  • They are using doordash and I have used it a few times and it is so easy.

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    I used this the other day and was slightly I uncomfortable when the DoorDash driver needed to see my licence and then recorded my DOB and licence expiry date on an app on his phone. He said he was required to do that… and is similar to what they do when you do a C&C at a CWH. But at least at a CWH I can see what app they’re tapping it into while this DoorDash guy could have been recording it in his Notes app for all I know.

    • I've actually used this service twice now in the last 3 days and both times they just left the items on the porch.

      • Same with me.

        • Might depend on what you purchased.

    • Driver dropped it off, like any doordash food delivery for me

    • Same! I thought that's weird. A bit worried my info might be misused….

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    Shipping at checkout is 8.95 for aus post regular. How do I get free shipping?

    • When I click on the Checkout button, it automatically selects "Fast Delivery Free" and "Today within 3 hours".

      • Can't seem to find it under the delivery options. Is there something needed for same day shipping?

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          Perhaps not available in your area? Mine shows this whenever I go to Checkout:

        • It's not available from all stores. On the other hand, I've placed an order with normal (non-fast) delivery (because it wasn't available on the order page) and it ended up being delivery via fast delivery (!)

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    What a time to be alive.
    Everyone's bending backwards to please us and we don't even need to ask for it.

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    Same day delivery is a joke.
    Order placed on 02/10 and picked 3 hour fast delivery. Received the order on 06/10 delivered by Toll.

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      probably same day delivery as in they are going to send out your same day, and not you will receive it same day.

      im thinking maybe something like a pandemic might slow shipping down a little.

  • Didn't work for me, tried contact lens cleaner to semi-regional VIC and wasn't available, didn't tell me why.

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    Order placed 15:50, is now awaiting pickup by driver at 16:03. So far, so good! Thanks OP

  • Wow! Absolutely amazing. Ordered a cologne at 3:48pm and delivered by 4:22pm. Good find OP!

  • Just used this now to get panadol and they required Id too. Feel quite uncomfortable about that.

  • i'll order a pack of toothpicks, one tooth pick at a time

  • did this a couple of time. its great

    but 3rd time wouldnt go through, said its not available, no matter if i removed/addedd different items

    its like after two times they said 'youve had enough'

  • My last Chemist Warehouse order took 3 WEEKS in two separate deliveries.

    Won't be ordering online again.

    • Well that's mostly the blame of auspost.
      Thats why they are partnering with doordash and offer fast delivery.

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    I ordered something $2, and they delivering it to me so where's the room for profit XD

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