Techfast Experiences with Customer Support?

What are your experiences with Techfast with customer support? I've emailed them twice, followed by another email several hours later and still haven't heard anything.

My PC turns on but my monitors, keyboard and mouse are not on. I'm suspecting that it may be hardware issues.

Man they've gone rogue and keeping me offline for so long when I need to do work on my PC.

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  • you could message luke directly on here

    • I have already.

  • 1300 898 956

    • Yeah there number cut off since I don't know when. It's shown on their site.

      • That's pretty rubbish then.

        • I know. I don't know what to do now lol

          They've gone rogue..(edit…I'm prob a bit rough)

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    So 3 emails in one day?? At least give them a bit of time to respond.

    Do you really expect essentially the cheapest computer builder in the country to also have the best customer service?

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      Yeah. They used to be very responsive. Okay, I'll do some mindfulness.

  • Have been exceptionally happy with my TechFast build, and I would give them at least 1-2 days to respond.

  • Not sure if you'll be comfortable doing this but this should be related to your gpu, power supply to your gpu or your motherboard.
    I would try resitting your gpu, then reset your cmos. If still not working try swapping psu cable or even try a different psu/gpu from friends or family if you can.

    • Hmmm…yes but I don't think that is a good idea unless if you built your own PC. I bought it from Techfast, so moving any parts may void the warranty. I thought it may be best to hear their response.

  • Just recently posted about TF CS on another post

    They tend to reply within 1 day from my experience and went above and beyond to rectify my issues.
    Just be patient

  • It seems like you are quite demanding of them (3 emails in a day in addition to contact with ozb rep). I'm sure they would offer warranty as required, but doubt they see themselves as an indefinite free help desk.

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      Yeah I know, I replied to one of the comments that I'm gonna wait and go practice mindfulness

      • I like how you turn to mindfulness to deal with the frustrations. It's good to have in your toolkit.

  • Merged from Why is Techfast still allowed to post deals after all their mishaps.

    Why won't Luke respond to the comments about Gigabyte PSU exploding in the latest Techfast deal?

    Should OzBargain support a business that allowed compromised payments previously and knowingly sold problematic Gigabyte GPUs? And now evading simple questions????


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      The car or the disease?

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        The car is a disease

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