iPhone 12 Mini 128GB Discount Price

Hey guys
I need an Iphone 12 mine 128GB for my wife and just checking is anyone saw a good price around.

Just need the phone


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    Most retailers seem to be selling it at RRP, so you may have to get creative and jump through some hoops to get a good deal.

    Option 1: Apple Gift Cards from Coles + cashback from Cashrewards or Shopback

    This deal may be of interest, as you will get 30x Flybuys points for every dollar you spend on gift cards, which is equivalent to 15% of the gift card value returned to you in the form of Flybuys points.

    • Coles sells variable value gift cards, so you can get exactly $1079 across multiple gift cards.
    • If you purchase $1079 in gift cards through this deal, you will get 32,370 Flybuys points, which is equivalent to $161.85 in Flybuys Dollars.

    You can combine the gift cards with Cashrewards and Shopback and get 1.5% cashback on top, which is $16.19. I’ll admit that’s not a lot, but if you ask me, that’s better than $0! You just missed a 5% cashback deal through Cashrewards, so I am not sure whether Cashrewards or Shopback will run another upsized cashback offer anytime soon.

    In total, you’ll spend $1079 on Apple gift cards, but you get $16.19 cashback and $161.85 to spend at Coles, Kmart, Target, etc.

    Alternatively, if you have access to an Apple EPP portal, they should be selling the iPhone 12 Mini at a 2% upfront discount. You’ll no longer be eligible for cashback, but I think you’ll agree that a 2% upfront discount is better than 1.5% cashback that you will have to wait multiple weeks before you receive it.

    Option 2: Costco

    I checked the Costco website and I’ve noticed they are currently selling it for $963.99. This is particularly useful if you already have a Costco membership and you don’t want to be going to multiple Coles stores to find gift cards.

    • What do you think about waiting for Telstra Days? Is there any chance they put a discount on the 12 mini this month?

      • To be honest, no idea!

      • You'll have to wait for next month. They didnt do one this month though

  • https://www.binglee.com.au/search?sort=priceAsc&q=APPLE%20IP... had them @
    $969 but I think they are all sold out,
    (Check back if they restock).

    • price beat at officeworks!

      • They won't price beat if it's out of stock

  • Curious why you wouldn’t get the 13?

  • Hi

    I am thinking that the 13 mini will must be more expensive anyway.

    I have a 12 mini from last year and is a perfect phone for me.

    I also contacted Telstra via web chat but they don't want give it away with discount.

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