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eufy Wireless Video Doorbell 1080P with 16GB SD Card $179 @ Bunnings


A decent video doorbell for the price, I've had the slim version (which has identical specs apart for the size) for about a year. I get around 2 months of use from a single charge, my doorbell is facing a relatively quiet street.


  • Very quick notifications
  • Relatively quick live view (much faster than Arlo and other wireless cameras I've used)
  • Good AI human detection
  • SD card based local storage, no subscription needed.
  • My doorbell gets a fair bit of rain, but so far it has held up pretty well
  • Works well with Amazon Alexa, I'm using an echo dot as a second chime.


  • Battery life
  • No end to end encryption, there have been security breaches in the past

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    OP: please edit your post to clarify that you are using the doorbell with homebase which is how you get 2 months between needing to recharge.

    This model doesn't use homebase (which is why it comes with the chime), as such it uses a different communication method that sips more power. Realistically you will only get 2 weeks between charges.

    Source: I have this exact model.

    • No, I'm using the Eufy Video Doorbell Slim Wireless 1080p with Mini Repeater, which also uses a Mini repeater just like the one I linked.

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        One says 2 months of use and another 2 weeks…who to believe?

        • While my street isn't busy, I don't have much of a front yard, so i end up recording a lot of videos per day.

          eg. Mine has recorded 90 events in the last 24 hours.

          • @csider: Just checked the stats on mine
            Motion sensing set to human only, sensitivity : 3
            Battery: 81%
            Used days 8
            Total events: 852
            False events filtered by AI: 818
            Recorded and saved events: 34

            So I guess at this rate I'm not going to get 2 months, rather 42 days, but still better than 2 weeks.
            Edit: misread the used days..

            • @opt: Haha yeah mines wildly different

              Battery: 38%
              Used days 10
              Total events: 4996
              False events filtered by AI: 4249
              Recorded and saved events: 747

              Sensitivity 5 and "optimal surveillance" mode.

              • @csider: No wonder you only get 2 weeks :)
                BTW I'm using the balanced surveillance mode.
                And try lowering the sensitivity.

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          Battery life depends on many factors like the number of motion events your camera detects, number of button presses, distance from the repeater etc.. Like I said I live on a relatively quiet street, and my repeater is not far from the doorbell, I also have very good WiFi coverage in my house. Perhaps csider's situation is different. Anyhow, the advertised battery life is 120 days or 4 months.

      • Fair enough. Maybe fix the OP link as the link is just the general page that lists all 3 models.

        2 months is a pretty long time, but like you said - quiet street etc.

      • I have the 2k version and setup this exact 1080 version for my family. The plug in unit does the same as the homebase, stores the photos locally and communicates with the doorbell and wireless unit.

        To be honest I dont see much difference, this 1080 version the doorbell is more compact, the battery has lasted for 6 weeks without needing to charge (includes motion detection setting). On the box it says 3 months but that would be doorbell only - no motion detection.

        The 2k version is great if you dont want to charge as often (last twice as long) but the bigger doorbell - it is massive! 2k only count when you zoom into the video

        Both are great products. Highly recommend and no subscriptions, the files are stored locally.

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    2k version regularly goes on sale for just under $200 without a home base, and about $250 with one.

  • 29 days since last charge still at 87% battery with optimal surveillance only triggers when someone comes down path towards front gate.

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    If it helps, I have the 2k versions with the new homebase. Have had it for 9 months now (one of those supercheap deals).

    So far, thoughts - I'm recharging probably every 2-3 months, good/stable wifi connection to the homebase.
    Camera faces the road/sidewalk but is about 10m awaay from it.
    Optimal surveillance mode.

    My stats:

    Current battery - 77%
    Used days - 15
    Total detected events - 909
    False events fileted by AI - 474
    Recorded and saved events - 435

    I have the 2c cameras as well - those are lasting about 3-4 months on batttery.
    I also have the smart touch WiFi doorlock - battery lasts about 5 months (also rechargeable).

    I cannot say how much I love/appreciate the whole Eufy systme working off one app. Has been almost bug free with 5 wireless + 1 wired (baby monitor) camera, 2 homebases + 3 door sensors + the door lock + the doorbell.

    I'd definitely recommend the 2k doorbell version. Can't speak to this one - its a slightlyt older gen.

    • Do the homebases have to be connected via a ethernet cable?

      • Only for initial setup - then you can go wifi (according to several reviews on YouTube).

    • That's really good to hear.

      I've bought a 3 pack of the 2C Pro and I'm planning to get the 2K addon doorbell, though I may hardwire it.

      Also ordered solar panels for the cameras.

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    How secure is the unit on the outside? Can't someone just take the unit with them.

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      There's a special security "push tool".

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        AKA a paper clip :).
        There is a small hole at the bottom where you have to push in a paperclip / sim ejector type thingy to release the camera. Its not obvious unless you know where to look, takes about 5 seconds to disconnect the camera once you know how to. I don't think eufy locks their devices to the owner’s account via the serial number like Arlo (which means even if someone steals an Arlo camera they can't use it as long as the device is inked to the original owner's account)

  • Hi guys,

    pls suggest, is it better than Ring in terms of notifications based on motion or bell.
    The Ring's response time is getting worse and I am fed up paying subscriptions for that as well.
    Also, can it be connected to Home assistant?

    • Mine is pretty quick, tested just now and timed it, took 3.6 seconds from the push of the button to get the notification on my phone over 4G. The chime was still pinging for the last time when I got the notification.

      • Thanks for your prompt response. and 3.6 sounds pretty good at least compared to my experience with Ring
        And what about the live video? did u manage to open it straight away once notification is received.
        Ring takes quite a reasonable time to open the live video once notificationis received

  • Does it work with Google nest Hub 2nd Gen?

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      Yes, AFAIK you can only view the video stream on the hub, you don't get any notifications. At least that is my experience. I have it linked up with a Nest hub and Amazon Echo Dot. Te Echo can be programmed to notify you, but not google. At least it wasn’t possible last year when I first set it up.

  • Can this be connected to an external power supply?

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