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Dell 27" Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $479.39 Delivered @ Dell


Not the cheapest it has been but still a pretty good price. Ordered one yesterday and received confirmation for next week delivery. Given a lot of past buyers experiences I won't hold my breath to expect that it'll arrive on time. One can only hope though.

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    Got this for $520 the first time it dropped here on Ozb. Absolutely no regrets on it.

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    Really not a great price - this is pretty much the price it sits at regularly now.

    Also, regarding shipping time, they'll likely get it out to you7 much earlier than quoted.
    I ordered mine around the 22nd September, they quoted I'd have it November 5th, but i got it October 4th.

    I absolutely love it. Such a good monitor. Mine doesn't also seem to have any light bleed problems that i hear about so much with this monitor too, which is great

    • not necessarily. I just received mine (a diff dell monitor) bought Sep 4th, received October 15th.

      • Very happy, got mine today after ordering on the 14th. Totally unexpected.

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    Under $400 before, Dell deal always wait for Dell eBay 20% off

    • Yep, as mentioned not the cheapest but we needed one since the older monitor fell onto a sharp end of a stick tape holder and met with an untimely death. But $399 doesn't come around often enough, esp when one is needed.

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        You need a monitor urgently doesn't make this a bargain

    • Well how long would I have to wait since eBay deals you reckon I really wanna get a monitor soon

      • I might just buy it now to be honest

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    oh man I really don't need a third one but…. I want it.

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    Bad price considering you could have bought this at $359 (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/625966 - was plenty available). These deals come and go … but this deal here is 30% more than the lowest price!

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      It's regularly $400 during the 20% off Dell eBay sales which appear to be monthly

      • I'm waiting until Black friday sales in a few weeks so hopefully it will be cheaper (sub 400)

  • I have 3 of the S2721Q and arrived very quickly. No regrets are it all, I got them on special and all 3 was like $1100.

    Very happy with them.

  • If you know someone with an EPP account you can get a further 7% off. Wasn't sure if I should include that because not everyone has access to it.

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    Thanks bought 2

  • Any chance the P2222H will go on sale? Been hanging out for this monitor for a vertical companion monitor. Please discount Dell!

    • It's a 22", not many people interested in so small so doubt Dell will bother making a deal.

    • It's not there now, but I saw one in the outlet recently - you might have better luck with P and U series there compared to eBay.

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    One word - wait.

    • That's three words dealbot. Jokes aside, looking forward to seeing what dell deals you manage to snag!

    • why

  • I am using S2721QS with PS5 and it's fairly decent, I am not a very high end gamer.

    • Do I really need it to enjoy something that I am missing?

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        There is nothing that you are missing, at least for now. As of this time, PS5 does not have support for 1440p, so this monitor can not offer you much or anything that the S2721QS haven't already. Also, imo, the S2721QS gonna be better as it's a 4K screen so text and image tends to look sharper than the 1440p of the DGF.

        Hypothetically, that if Sony updates 1440p support via software update, then the only thing you'll miss is the refresh rate. As this screen can go up to 165hz, and with Xbox Series X 1440p 120hz mode, I reckon you will get 120hz on 1440p when the update hits. The difference is night and day to be honest, I can't really go back to 60hz now as it's just feel laggy and the experience just isn't smooth.

        Yeah, only the refresh rate, some might say the S2721DGF has better color, I guess, but it requires calibration anyways. This is from me who bought the S2721DGF with my PS5 in mind. I was disappointed the PS5 does not support 1440p, for now at least, as Sony say they might update it given there are enough demands. So if you hook your PS5 on this monitor, it will be either upscale 1080p or downscale 4k, don't know which one but it's not native, which imo not that great.

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          I have a X-rite Pro :D Thanks mate, you saved me a lot of money. My friend also told me 120hz is a game changer. My TV does 100Hz, I haven't put PS5 to TV yet. Maybe in future.

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