Refund of Hand Sanitisers & KN95 Masks from Noni B, Autograph, BeMe, Crossroads, Katies, Millers, Rivers, Rockmans, W.Lane

Mosaic Brands Limited, an ASX listed company, has paid penalties totalling $630,000, and admitted that it breached the Australia Consumer Law in its promotion of pandemic-related ‘Health Essential Products’.

Products eligible for refunds:

  • Air Clean hand sanitiser sold on the NoniB website contained 70 per cent alcohol, when a sample tested by the ACCC was found to contain 17 per cent alcohol;
  • Miaoyue hand sanitiser sold by Millers contained 75 per cent alcohol, when a sample tested by the ACCC was found to contain 58 per cent alcohol;
  • Velcare-branded hand sanitiser products sold on its websites were ‘WHO-approved’, when they were not;
  • KN95 Kids Safety Face Masks sold on its websites were ‘CE/FDA certified’, when they were not; and
  • KN 95 Adult Face Masks were” non-refundable”, when in fact consumers have a statutory right to a refund under the consumer guarantee remedies.

Eligible customers:

  • purchased sanitiser in the same batches as the samples which tested below advertised alcohol concentrations to arrange a refund of the purchase price;
  • purchased the KN95 Kids Safety face masks to arrange a refund of the purchase price; or
  • were originally refused a refund on the basis the product was non-refundable, and invite them to have their refund re-assessed;
  • any customer who purchased a Velcare product relying on the representation that the product was ‘WHO-approved’.

A corrective notice and further information about how to apply for a refund are available on the websites of Noni B, Autograph, BeMe, Crossroads, Katies, Millers, Rivers, Rockmans and W.Lane. Apply for refund by Friday 22/10/2021.

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    Wow that's terribly deceptive.

  • Its about time really…

  • I've got to hand it to them really

  • +2

    ACCC doing the real work right here.

  • You can save on some stuff like marketing to cut cost but not key components for health and safety products.

  • Dont bother trying to get a refund for items you never received. The absolute pathetic customer service is just not worth the stress I had trying to deal with about 6 people that just kept giving me the run around and not understand ing that I didn't receive items I'm out of pocket $60 and I will never shop at any of the brand's under this company again no stars for service at all shameful!!

    This from a google review of "Mosaic Brands Limited" - lol

    CRITICISM, Mosaic Brands Ltd
    Efforts to pay a living wage
    D grade in 2019 Ethical Fashion Report
    No COVID Fashion Commitments
    1.5/4 for purchasing practices
    Workers rights in Bangladesh
    Fined for misleading advertising


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    630k sounds like they got away lightly considering how much they probably would have blown through.. i wonder what tipped them off to do testing?

    • +4

      CHOICE tested and complained to ACCC who did their own testing

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    When an influencer is faking cancer and promotes products that don't help cure cancer, it's a million dollar fine.

    But fake hand sanitisers and masks that could have contributed to 1,500 deaths and other covid injuries, its only $630k fine?

    Wow. I would have seized the criminal proceeds of the crime in addition to the fine.

    Does anyone know how much fake products they sold?

    • You are literally comparing Apples and Oranges. Do you even know what ACCC does?

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        Yes, but there's no suggestion of criminal charges by AFP, etc, for selling fake products during a pandemic where people's lives are at stake.

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    i hope they test the crap kogan flogged

    edit: oh they did. Orchard De Flore 62%

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    What I want to know is who bought Hand Sani and masks from these stores??

  • Here, we have more people losing their jobs "because of the pandemic"! lol

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