Merrylands Townhouse Sydney Price Suggestion Wanted

Hello thank you guys, actually I’ve just found a townhouse at Merrylands which is not at the frontside of the complex. Just at the backside and 2 storeys but has got no views basically because they are surrounded by other townhouses :( This is the only thing. 15 mins from train.

If I offer $510k is that fine? They said they already got $530k not sure if that’s true.

I don’t have much idea about Merrylands but the location is good and stock land Merrylands and parks around.
Built in 2014. Just toilet and stove needs cleaning. Backyard very very small. No front yard. 2bed 1bath 1toilet 1 garage and storage.

Please if you could send some suggestions and any links that’d be really helpful. I haven’t put an offer yet. Really time pressed and stressful.

Council: 284pq Strata: 534.33pq Total 15 townhouses in complex. They are built just with each other no gap between walls.117sqm


  • Yes

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    Just at the backside and 2 storeys but has got no views

    Then you are safe from the bikies.

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    Hello thank you guys

    Why are you greeting and thanking us at the same time?

    Please if you could send some suggestions and any links that’d be really helpful

    Ask this question on Propertychat. You're likely to get some feedback from one of the Western Sydney investors there.

  • If i offer 510k is that fine?

    Put it in and see what your REA will say.

    they said they already got 530k not sure if that’s true

    Maybe it's true, you'll get an idea when you put an offer through.

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    Is there a body corporate? And how much is it?

    • Just edited my post

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    Its in Shitney, its too expensive.

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    this one if anyone really cares

    • Disappointed that you didn't draw the place based on the description :(

      • Nalar I didn’t get you. After inspection the picture I got is the real one than description

        • Lol

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            @MS Paint: I think OP believe every comment was address to the OP :D

        • I love new accounts that are just solely focused on having their query answered and then never coming back.

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      Wow, that "kitchen".

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      I know vendors were responsible for a lot of the photography during lockdown, but I have so many questions…

    • I think you've just increased the asking price for the OP!

      • What’s OP? Why did I increase the asking price?

    • Who puts a rug in the kitchen???

      • Habibi.

    • The highlight for me is the llama hanging from the light fitting.

      Overall, can't believe that's what you get for half a mill in Sydney.

      • Overall, can't believe that's what you get for half a mill in Sydney.

        I could show you worse for 2.6mill….

  • Great questions for OzPropertyManager

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    They said they already got 530k

    It's only a bit more than 1/2 a million dollars. People that think that this is too much should see the price in 6M or 1Y from now.

    People shouldn't try and time the market but rather get in ASAP while they can.

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    I don’t have much idea about Merrylands

    As a local I'd say it's not great.
    High density housing commission influx, gang activity noticeable, dare you to walk down Merrylands Rd on friday/sat after dark.

    $545,000 includes the family prayer mats?

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      Sounds like it hasnt changed since the late 80s… You wouldnt move there in a free house.

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      Live there, no issues at all, infact some of the nicest afghan food is there, chicken till 3am, 24 hour Ramadan Munoosh etc…. very good

    • No furnitures included. There was None in the house.
      Picture is different.

  • Strangled llama FTW

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    You can offer $510k, but if they’ve already got an offer of $530 (true or not) do you think they’ll sell to you?

    Is $530k too much for that property? The only way you’ll know this is if you can actually buy it cheaper.

    Would I pay $530k? No idea, I’m not in that market and never will be.

    • Down to personal preference, but you could probably do better for 500k in that area, decent ones don't last long and go over ask.
      Pick up that unit and move it to the other side of woodville road and nearly double your investment.

  • Look at the sales history for the complex

  • Thank you all guys! I think I have got a pretty good idea about my direction now. Thanks so much 🙏

  • I used to live just around the corner on Oxford St. It's definitely the dodgier part of Merrylands. If you like the general location and you're open to an apartment, checkout Holroyd which is a really nice little estate nearby which is still walking distance to Merrylands station. There are houses and townhouses there but they're very tightly held. There's generally a few apartments for sale at any given time. I just sold mine there!

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