Afterpay -- Buyer Protection Is There One?

Hi everyone

Not sure if anyone has any issue with Afterpay? I am currently dealing with one where seller avoids refund when the goods I bought did not meet the description. Seller had refund policy on their website.

Seller didn't reply to my email so I contacted Afterpay to dispute this transaction but they didn't prompt any action like we usually see with PayPal or Visa company.

It's been 14 days, I am not sure how I can get back my money now.

Thank you for any advice.

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      I am thinking of using Afterpay. But now seeing this post, I rather stay with PayPal to have my protection with online shopping. PayPal now also offers Split payment.

  • Q: What should I do if my goods haven't arrived or have arrived damaged?

    A: Any issues with the delivery of your order or condition of goods should be raised directly with the merchant. You can normally find a merchant’s contact details on their website. If the merchant has provided their contact details to Afterpay, this information can also be found on the order details page within your Afterpay App.

    Afterpay doesn't have a buyer protection policy similar to PayPal.

    Zip does against items that are SNAD (Significantly not as described) and non-delivery

    • If the merchant has provided their contact details to Afterpay…

      The hell? They allow merchants without having them provide them even their contact details?

  • Ebay would give you some protection, but if you buy straight from a seller/website you'd have to be more careful.
    Personally I haven't had any issue with Afterpay so far, but I've only used it on ebay and with known sellers.

  • I think PayPal offer more customer protection when dealing with refund or damage goods.

  • Afterpay: seller's agent.
    Paypal: buyer's agent.

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    Lmao. Have a guy trying to scam me at present and the funds have been held for 26 days and counting. Launched the chargeback on a used item outside ebay and his claim, is that they are used. Absolute joke. Whats the point of no refunds - I shouldn’t have to wear the loss as a hobbyist seller just because some moron overpaid for a used item and regrets it

  • Thank you for all your post guys. I think i will only use Paypal from now and steer away from Afterpay.
    Most of website now offer Afterpay because turned out it better for them. If they chose to make a run with your money, they can.
    What also upset me is that I requested afterpay to stop the final payment and they advised that they can't, i am under the agreement with the merchant and payment can't be stop.
    It's like you got rob and nothing you can do about it accept wait.

    • op where did you buy from?

      • yeah OP name and shame the site

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  • Their Facebook page disappeared, but the website is still operating . I tried emailing them many times with no response. The contact number also off.

    • Maybe contact the bank which funds your afterpay account

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