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Free Coldplay Concert Livestream @ Amazon Music


Watch on Prime Video or Twitch

"It’s going to be a special night.”

UK indie pop stalwarts Coldplay are finally hitting the big venues once again, with the announcement of a special livestream arena gig in honour of their brand new album.

Music Of The Spheres is the band ninth studio album overall, and marks 25 years of the group making music together. The big release comes as the Yellow hitmakers gear up for a live concert beamed all around the world from the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle.

The event will be directed by Paul Dugdale - who has recorded concert films for the likes of The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and more - and will be available courtesy of Amazon prime and Amazon music.

“It’s great that fans all around the world can tune in to Amazon Music and watch our first show after the release of Music Of The Spheres," the band said. "It’s going to be a special night.”

The band will perform their new album in full as well as some classic fan faves. The livestream kicks off from 12 Noon, AEST, 23 October. For all the info, head to the Amazon Music site here.

via The Music & Credit to Best Aussie Markdowns

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  • They look really angry…

    • Maybe they're just mildly disgruntled?

    • +1

      may be stick to justin bieber then…

    • +1

      They've realised no one wants to actually slap down the money to watch them.
      Or it's their "indie" look.

      • They make most of their money from touring… and getting YOUR money

      • At least they didn't do a U2 and force download their music to all Apple devices lol

        • prolly got that outta their system when one of their kids got named Apple! 😋

        • Yep - amongst all of the other things forced onto users of Apple devices, just so they can amost have a useful pretty thing.

  • +31

    Just be careful: there have been links like this distributed recently. People have complained that when you click on them you are redirected to a Coldplay concert.

    • +12

      Also worth bearing in mind that if you attend a Coldplay concert you may have to listen to Coldplay music, and often for a considerable period of time.

  • +4

    Without a doubt my favourite geography teachers that created a band band

  • +2

    Coldplay are my favourite band who started a band so that the lead singer could get a girlfriend
    Such an inspiration

  • +8

    I have Prime, but this is still too expensive for a Coldplay show. Thanks anyway.

    • +1

      Power, time and mental cost

      • Personally Coldplay meh but they make a good backdrop to this now old masterpiece.

  • +5

    Interesting article about them introducing ways to make their touring less polluting, including a kinetic dance floor to re-use dancers’ energy!


  • +4

    Coldplay are indie?

    • +1


      Mainstram pop - elevator music basically

  • +3


  • +9

    Coldplay !?!?!?!?! … Haven't we suffered enough the last 2 years pandemic, lockdowns, earthquakes, tornados now f'n Coldplay when will it stop ?

  • +4

    Just listened to their new album which released today. Pretty god-awful. No offence to all avid Coldplay fans… Half of the song tracks are emojis.

    • +3

      As an avid Coldplay fan (albeit mostly a fan of their older work) I really dislike this album expect for Coloratuna. In fact almost of Coldplay fans, except the one eyed fans, seem to dislike the album.

      • Is that the 10 minute song? Yeah I didn’t mind that.

        • Yeah Coloratura is the 10 minute song. I know some people think it drags on too long but I think that's length is one of its strength.

      • +1

        Yep i would fit in the same bracket. Older albums were masterpieces… Their sound since AHFOD i haven't enjoyed much

      • You thinks these non-essential millionares going to care what you think, lol same with Starwars post, seen so many simps upvote some their bad products

    • +1

      Yep same here. Emojis for song names?!

      My 6 year old was rolling on the floor laughing while listening to the song 'Biutyful'…. That voice… Not sure what it was… Sounded like a mellow crazy frog singing.

  • +1

    Levity, you're supposed to put deals/bargains here. This is simply overpriced is what it is.

  • indie

  • +2

    Ill be watching my clocks

  • +7

    Competition 1st prize: 2 Coldplay concert tickets
    Competition 2nd prize: 4 Coldplay concert tickets
    Competition 3rd prize: 8 Coldplay concert tickets

    • +1

      1st prize: Soundproof booth at Coldplay concert*

  • +1
  • +2

    At least I can tell which post is mine, it was all yellow

  • -1


  • Thanks, makes a change from ASMR to fall to sleep.

    • I too enjoy a lunch time nap lol

  • +3

    might have to cancel my prime membership so I don't have to go to this one

  • +1

    Is Coldplay a Slayer cover band?

  • +1

    "Indie pop"?
    They couldn't be any more commercial mainstream pop from day one.

    This grinds my gears so hard for the actual independent artists out there who are arguably just as talented but don't get anywhere near as much recognition.

  • +2

    it's funny how everyone you know hates Coldplay and yet they are as popular as they are. Outside of myself I've never met a Coldplay fan :P. Nothing will beat their 4th album though, Viva La Vida.

    • +1

      I like their old stuff better than their new stuff

  • +1

    I've a big fan

    Saw them in Paris and they rocked

  • -1

    Not live. On prime video it shows the progress/ duration. Sucks.

  • Coldplay lyrics are too whiney

    • +5

      just like your comments

  • That was incredible, thanks for posting op!

  • +1

    hard to believe the rest of the world is having concerts and we're… just getting out of lockdown?? :O

  • caught only half of it as had other commitments - will the full concert be posted again on prime?

    • It’s already been up on twitch, just follow the link in the post.

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