PCR Test Vs Flight Cost - Is It Worth It?

I recently booked flights to Fiji in December 2021 for approx $500 each return with Jetstar.

Both Australia and Fiji require PCR tests before you fly. PCR tests for travel are not covered by Medicare and are done at Pathology clinics for $140-$300 depending on test type and result speed.

Fiji clinics charge approx 350FJD ($226) the PCR test required for return back to Australia.

The cost of PCR tests alone add anywhere between $1500-$2000 for a family of 4!

Should travel insurance or private health insurance help cover this if it is the new norm? Would you still travel / holiday with these additional costs? Why can I get a free test practically anywhere locally but none are valid for travel?

Interested to get opinions.

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    Yes, still worth it
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    No way


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    Sydney Airport test is $150
    Nadi is $300 fjd or $195aud
    Expensive compared to flights yes, but if you can’t afford it, you probably shouldn’t be going overseas at this point, anything could change.

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    It depends on how badly you want to travel? This is the new reality. Either pay or stay home.

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    Google Maps and Street View suddenly don't look so shit…

    • nature screensavers are all the rage

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    It's a good point and I feel as though a lot of people who haven't travelled overseas recently don't fully appreciate this cost, too expensive as it stands and rules out quick cheap recreational trips unfortunately even as quarantine requirements end

    Hopefully as we get closer to Christmas and the new year they start dropping this requirement for fully vaxxed passengers at least

  • You wanna travel, you pay… thats how life works.

    You may wanna also check what travel insurance covers/doesnt cover these days when overseas

  • how long is the holiday and how many people?

    honestly, after the last 2 years, a holiday is well needed. if you're going for a week I'd treat the $500 as part of the in built flight cost. if you're a family of 4 or 5, obviously that becomes a lot more expensive and a different scenario. if you're going for 3 days, again, different story.

    but it's like paying more to fly out during peak season/ holidays. if you wanna go, you have to pay

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    Should any insurances cover it? No.
    Will it deter me from travelling? No.
    I'd just consider it as part of the cost of the entire holiday/trip. If it pushes the total cost up to become too high then no trip, if it's still a reasonable total, I'll still go.

  • Hi,

    PCR Tests might be replaced by Rapid lateral flow Covid tests by then.

    I don't know what they cost. I understand they may be cheaper (but less reliable) than PCR.

    ,,,or maybe not

  • Travel insurance costs 100 at least.

    I agree it's expensive.

    But cheaper then going on a flight with a covid case

    If the pandemic has taught me

    Can't wait for a perfect time

    If you want to go on holiday just go

    Most of us will die with some inheritance

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    Should travel insurance or private health insurance help cover this

    Travel insurance covers uncertainties, not certainties.

    If it did cover certainties, the insurance premium would be existing premium (say $100), plus $500 PCR costs = say $600. Would you be happy to pay for travel insurance (or a policy that covers PCR tests) then?

    PS: You don't seem to understand insurance: insurance = no free lunches.

  • You play, you pay. I don't see why Medicare should be funding PCR tests for travel overseas.

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