Is This Lavender or a Weed?

I planted lavender seeds as well as seeds for another plant similar to lavender but with pink flowers in this area.

A few weeks later and I have this. Doesn't look like normal lavender, the leaves are too rounded but perhaps is another type of lavender.

I've never had this type of weed before. If weed I need to remove it and plant another thing.


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    That is Vicia sativa L. a.k.a Common vetch.

    Common weed.

    • Thanks for getting the name. Will pull them out then.

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        Cooked vetch (Vicia Sativa)

        According to the wiki page, it can be eaten. Bargain!

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    smoke it and see

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      Damn you, beat me to it >(

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    Came here to see how somebody could get confused between Lavender and Pot. So disappointed

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    'is this lavender or a weed' come on now

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    Easy test… does it smell like lavender?

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    Click bait title, but picture indicates it's weed

    • Thanks!

  • Is this lavender or marijuana?

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