Warranty from eBay Seller How Will It Work?

Hope someone can help clarify something for me…

I was going to buy an S7+ tablet brand new from here, but was wondering about warranty.

The seller mentions that it has the standard manufacturer warranty, but looking at Samsung's warranty info it says that the purchase needs to be from an authorised supplier/reseller.

Anyone know if it'll still be a problem buying from an eBay seller if I needed to use the warranty?


  • Does the seller provide a tax invoice with ABN?

    Are they grey imports with iffy local warranties?

    Check with the seller for either of these.

    • Yep, kk I've asked the seller

  • Is it worth the risk?

    • Trying to assess haha

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    Samsung warranty won't apply to the product if it is an import model (i.e. was meant for overseas market).

    eBay seller should / must provide a tax invoice with ABN. Your standard Paypal receipt isn't a proper tax invoice and it's not accepted as proof of purchase.

    • Hmmm noted, I've asked the seller how warranty would work through him.

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    A private seller has no obligation under trade practices act to provide warranty. Whatever they say is irrelevant as they are not bound by anything, once you buy it they can just ignore you.

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    Don't. Buy from a proper store. Whatever they say about warranty doesn't matter - their ebay store could disappear anytime. It's probably someone drop shipping to earn a little extra cash.

  • Warranty from eBay seller how will it work

    It won't.

    Grey import combined with an unauthorised private seller, combined with eBay = no warranty.

  • Question:

    What if the item is not a grey import but Australian model?

    Would Samsung still fix issues under warranty?

  • Lol if seller just bought a stack of them when Samsung EPP Had them on clearance.

    I 100% would not count on this having valid warranty unless he gives you a tax invoice as actually being an authorised seller (which is highly unlikely)

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