PlayStation Plus 1 Year Subscription (US Accounts) $53.85 @ Eneba / Gamepilot


Valid only for PlayStation Network accounts with the region set to US.

Key: $58.48
Service fees: $4.07
Discount: -$8.61
End-price: $53.85

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    not a huge bargain tbh. I generally buy mine from Amazon US when they drop to about $30 USD or so.

    • It’s not too bad for someone like me who is new to PS Plus and currently paying $11.95 AU per month because I couldn’t find a decent deal anywhere at the time of joining.

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        This is OZB though so the price isn't low enough as Sony generally offers a special deal on these once a year (with most retailers providing discount).

        If you opt for PS Plus USA, then you will probably need to create a new account and all the games you collected so far won't be available once your AUS PS Plus subscription expires. Also, save games may not be compatible.

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    US$30 (~40 AUD) is the usual price for grey market sellers.

  • Do I need to make a US based PS Plus account to access this or can I simply change my region / location settings?

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      Yes you need to make a US account, but you can still play the free games/play online on other accounts on your PS4/5. Just no access to cloud saves on your other accounts.

    • You need a PS account that has an US address. Save games have a good chance to being incompatible. So your AUS save games may not work on a US PS Plus free game (even if it is the same game title). Vice versa, if you decided to buy the physical version after you played the US PS Plus digital version, the save game may not work.

      It's fine if you generally finish games you want to play on PS Plus and you really don't care about playing those games again. Given that it is a subscription, that's actually a good idea. Don't get too attached to those free games to keep on renewing and being locked in.

  • and the big un-answered question for 'why would I want a US PS account?' is - because US PS prices / sales are generally a LOT cheaper than AU sales even when you factor in the currency differences. Want to check out prices? Use this website and you can edit the region to be AU and the console PS5 to compare between each region's lowest prices ever etc. I've had a USA account (I choose a US state that doesn't have sales tax and used google to find a hotel where i was 'living' at) since my PS3. I usually buy PSN subscription and PS wallet top ups from Amazon US web site and then enter the codes into my account.

    • i've been doing a little digging, and you're right. sales on the US store are generally more cheaper, even with conversion factored in. also checked out amazon, which to my surprise had digital codes with instant delivery. was expecting atleast a 2 week wait for the cards to ship in lol. but my question is, which account would you use as your primary account? i just recreated my PSN account today, to change my PSN ID, and due to unfortunate timing wasn't aware that this was a thing. now to recreate my account again, with a fresh new id that i most likely don't really want, is it worth it if i was going to use my US account mainly as a game purchasing account, and still fully use my main account?

  • wish they had Canada

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