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[PS5] Sackboy: A Big Adventure $66.60 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Physical, new for historically good price. Resell for recouped cost in true OzB style.

Mario World-esque linear 3D platformer from Little Big Planet. Creative art and level design including licensed pop music, fairly fresh progression of mechanics, collectathon, good multiplayer imbedded in the level design, with all the slightly floaty and imprecise movement you've come to expect from LBP.

Local PS4 @ $66.81 for the plebs

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Glad my backlog held me back before, good price :)

  • Damn this game is taking its sweet time getting cheap… Same with Ratchet and Clank. I will continue being patient though.

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      I was never gonna buy a PS5 because there's little reason with almost everything available on PS4 and having had a Pro to power them. Exclusives have been slow and remain few, hardly justifying the gen upgrade unless you are a die-hard fan of a particularly series or game.

      But I bought my PS5 in March, because it looked clear that new gen prices were here to stay for a long time and the wait for softening prices looks indefinite.

      The best approach is buying as cheaply as possible (often only ~$10-20 less than regular prices) and reselling. I've about broken even, with a few select cases of profiting, from this approach.

      All that is to say - don't let these prices stop you from stepping up to new gen.

      • I got the PS5 day 1 and have had some good luck on getting a few titles for cheap so far, so I don't feel like I am missing out on much. Just a few titles like this and Ratchet and Clank which just don't seem like they are worth more than $30, so I am holding out for them to get cheap, but they are just taking forever. Seeing posts like this just makes me think that they will stay expensive for a long time. $66 is only slightly cheaper than I would expect to pay for a brand new title, whereas this is a launch game that is considered a bargain at this price.

        • R&C is definitely a fairly short title, but has a good new game+ approach. But it's an amazingly produced game and purely fun adventure game. It's worth full RRP. Personally, I bought for $70 and resold for $90 (a lot of resale are ~$70-80).

          Sackboy does not match in quality, but delivers for any fan of platformers. It's maybe short to medium in length but a lot there for completionists. I bought for $60, yet to resell but expecting to get about the $60 back…

          • @miracle: Yeah I would consider the purchase and re-sell route, but I also like to keep my games and bask at a shelf of beauty, so the two just aren't compatible. I think I will just have to sit and wait for a good deal or hope for something good on Gumtree/Marketplace. I managed to score RE8 on PS5 for $50 a few weeks after launch which was insanely cheap at the time and probably still is.

          • @miracle: How’s you manage to get R&C for $70? Was that brand new?

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              @sween64: Second-hand. On Gumtree not too long after release

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    I paid $45.84 for this in June on PS5

  • Sackboy PS5 $49 Delivered here for anyone following.

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