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Noctua NH-U12A CPU Cooler $148.50 + $9 Shipping @ Noctua Cooling Solutions via Newegg


First post, my 240 aio from 6 years ago is on it's way out, lost fluid due to evaporation and the side mount in NR200 isn't ideal. Found this a couple dollars cheaper than the previous deal.

Ships from Taiwan, says most people get theirs in 5-17 days, someone from the previous deal mentioned they got theirs in 4.


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    Great Price and excellent Cooler, more a luxury item or anyone that needs reliability, rock solid brand, often issue free mounting brackets to support new form factors, so that is worth something.
    Still expensive for the cooling performance for any anyone on a budget.

    The Noctua NH-U12S looks a decent price $76 (basically same performance and reliability for half the price)

    Anyone wondering the difference….

    The NH-U12A has a redesigned heatsink and two of the best fans Noctua has to offer, so, surely, it must outperform the NH-U12S by a significant margin… right? Well, unfortunately, it does not. The differences between the two CPU coolers are minimal, to the point of being non-existent. In fact, TechPowerUp values their overall relative performance as identical, resulting in the NH-U12S to lead the NH-U12A by 54% in performance per dollar expended.

    Now, for the question of why the two coolers perform so similarly, the answer is debatable. It may be because two fans are simply too much for cooling a single 120 mm heatsink tower – or perhaps because the speed of the heat being transferred via the heatpipes to the heatsink plateaus when going beyond the specifications of the NH-U12S – but the fact of the matter is that the 40% cheaper model ends up performing equally to its more expensive counterpart.

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      I bought a usedA12x25 to replace the F12 fan in U12S, I found a 5C difference on Prime 95 with just one fan. I had a Arctic P12, and CorsairML120 as well, the fan is the best, but not very cost effective.

      • Wow did not realise it'd have such a difference.

    • The Noctua NH-U12S looks a decent price $76

      Where is this priced at $76?
      Good value for sure.

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        Newegg click the link in the deal and select the model

        • Oh…I'm an idiot, thanks.
          Google only showed $130+ prices

  • As someone who tinkers with their machine a lot,this cooler makes life so much easier. I have one cooling my 5900x and really happy. Good price.

    • What are your idle temps and general on load temps ?

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        It depends on how hard you are powering your 5900X. This holder is good for up to 170W in PBO.

        • *heatsink. Damn autocorrect….

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    Good find. The Noctua store in Newegg generally has waaaay better prices than most retailers.

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      100% Just bought 3 x Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM for $19.79 each. Locally was generally around $33-$35.

      $9 flat total shipping and only took a week from Taiwan via DHL.

  • I have a Noctua HSF from ~10 years ago. Still rock solid including fans. Seriously good pieces of kit. Plus also manufactured in Taiwan, added bonus.

    • Nice dig. CCP have taken note :P

  • I came from a NH-U12P to this NH-U12A. It is a world of difference. I even slapped on two NF-A12x25 fans on the older heatsink and there wasn't much improvement. This is a great heatsink, I use it with my 5900X. Granted the color is not everyone's taste, but I believe this sale is to clear some stock before the chromax version is released.

  • Buy this if you have a smaller case or worried about the weight, else there are better ones for lesser price.

    • Hey mate… what would qualify? Thanks

    • For normal medium tower cases, this NH-U12A fits easily. But if you have a low profile case, then you need a smaller low profile heatsink.

      Weight is only an issue if you are using those humongous ones like a NH-D15, or if you are transporting your PC case around (you should always remove the heatsink when transporting).

      • My answer was for those specific reasons only. I bought the U14S before buying a case and then had to let go of many smaller case deals where U12A would fit but not the U14S. Currently I am using a P600S and happy with it. Weight is if you are taking your PC to a friends place or if you are moving the PC around in the house. You dont need to remove heatsink in that case if its a U12A, but I would be worried if its a D15 etc. But for transportation via courier/removals, like you said, absolutely yes.

  • Just out of curiosity, why would someone opt for this over the similarly benchmarked Coolermaster MA410M at half the price at only $75 or the Artic Freezer 34 Duo (White) at only $67.27 arguably even better reviewed comparatively. Seem's like a huge premium for very little gain in acoustic efficiency alone.

    For completeness, the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 reviewed there too can be had for $111.88 also on amazon. The Artic Freezer 34 prices are all over the place a bit depending on the version you go, single or duo the blacked out esports version, white, etc. (between $50-90) but the newer Artic Freezer 50 can be had for not much more than some of these at $98.99 and a requisite review on it Artic Freezer 50 Review

  • re the fans, they are outstanding. at 70% speed or less basically silent & move a ton of air
    at max they make a bit of noise if you have headphones on you will not hear it though

    if this comes with a LNA it will be whisper quiet. i use all these fans on my rads
    oh also according to the Noctua roadmap black version of this fan is otw but expect to pay a bit more, i assume they'll chromeax this cooler to go with the new black fans

  • have the same case and same cooler.

    probably end game for aircooler for this case. it will interfere the side mount bracket , but a bit of dermal do the trick

  • Says shipped from Taiwan, but sometimes ships from Austria! Still only takes around a week to ship!

    • Yup, Taiwan is from Noctua's factory. Austria is from their HQ. Doesn't matter, shipping is by DHL, so you get tracking and super fast shipping even with today's limited incoming flights.

      • That's true, I actually ended up getting my order on a Sunday from Newegg.

  • And just as a FYI, my first Noctua was the NH-U12P SE1366 which I bought in 2008. I recently upgraded to Zen3 and I did not have the AM4 mounting kit. Noctua has a form on their website where you can request for the kit, just take a photo of your old Noctua heatsink with your name and the date showing. They then get their local distributor here in Australia to send you an AM4 mounting kit for free! I was impressed, so I stuck with them and purchased the NH-U12A not long after as an upgrade for overclocking.

    • It took close to 4 months for the part to arrive when the official note was 18 working days shipping to RoW. Was not impressed. Am happy you got yours quicker.

      • Umm

        Was it in the last 18 months?

        • Within the last 4 months, so yes.

  • Is this better than a NH-D15? I know the NH-D15 is really popular and I can get it for $40 less

    • D15 is much larger, so if D15 fits your case I would go for D15

      • The D15 is practically a weapon

  • -2

    For this price just get an aio

    • +2

      I mean, if an AIO breaks, you run the risk of liquid spilling out of the loop potentially damaging your components, or if the pump dies, then your out of luck until its repaired.

      At least with a heatsink, the only moving parts are the fans so if they die, you have time to get another one as the heatsink will still cool your CPU, albeit in a passive state with it relying on internal airflow from other case fans to expel heat.

      AIOs and water cooling do have their uses but for a set and forget set up, you cant beat this or any decent fan/heatsink combo. Plus, Noctua are well known for being good with warranty and customer service even if you get their products second-hand.

      • The chances of that are very low but even then I don't think this is a great buy. As others have mentioned there are similarly sized coolers for half the price that perform almost the same, and the giants D15 or Assassin III (if you have the room) are better and cheaper as well. If you want extremely low noise the Dark Rock 4 or almost any Scythe cooler will be better. Not to mention how ugly it looks…you can get a chromax U12S for much cheaper and a D15 chromax for the same price that don't look like poop.

        • Fair point! Noctua trades itself on brand recognition and to an extent, reliability of their fans and as I mentioned before, the after-sales support. I agree, there are better value coolers out there but I maintain this is still not bad value seeing that the fans alone pretty much cost half of the set up (and you get two).

          I personally dont mind the brown colour as I dont have case lighting anyway and I have this cooler. I plan on keeping this for a long period of time as i know that should I change platforms or even socket types, I can always contact Noctua and provide them my invoice, photo of the item plus name and date and request a new mounting kit and more than likely or not, they will send it to me for free.

  • I guess there is no way it is going to work with forthcoming alder lake cpus?

    • Actually, it will. When the Alder Lake comes out, you will need to contact Noctua with the invoice and the product name. They will send you the new mounting kit, it's been how they do it for multiple releases already.

      • I understand that, but the pad size is going to be larger and rectangular. Not sure how you can fix it.

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