Replacement Battery Microsoft Book 2 (Keyboard Battery)

Good morning, I have a Microsoft Surface Book 2. It’s become apparent my battery has stopped working on the keyboard. If needed I can discuss why I have reached this conclusion, but the purpose of this post is to ask if anyone has been able to get this component replaced without going through Microsoft ? I have purchased the replacement battery and keen to have it installed. I recognise there will be a fee, but so far every shop I talk to says they do not touch the Microsoft Surface Book Laptops and seem reluctant to touch Microsoft computers in any capacity. If anyone can refer me or share their experience I would appreciate. Lee


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    Go look at a tear down of a surface book and you’ll see why. They’re near impossible to take apart without breaking anything and the current battery is glued into place, meaning you need to use heat just to remove it.

    Nothing like removing a few screws and popping out the battery like a normal laptop. You’ll probably have to go through Microsoft.

  • You probably should have just ordered a new base with battery in there. In the end it will cost you the same if you manage to find someone to install it for you.

    • Do you mean through Microsoft ? I don’t believe it is possible to purchase a base alone, as Microsoft demand you do the out of warranty replacement ($953). And from my reading the base is matched to the screen, which prevents any after market re-sale. But please correct me if I am wrong, I’m still trying to learn about this stuff.

      • The bases are interchangable, I gave my SB1 base w/GPU to my friend whose original base didn't have a GPU and it worked fine.

        The base and top do share a serial number, so if you switch them around you can't send the mismatched pair in for a warranty claim.

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