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Delter Press inc 10Mile Barty Black Kit $48 (RRP $65) + Delivery @ Barty Single Origin


We paired the Delter with our Barty Black Yirgacheffe specialty, a natural single origin, a gentle, rounded, easy acidity matches the floral scent and complements the smooth warming taste. Hints of fruit, currants, and cinnamon flow over the taste buds, with a warm and whole-bodied mouthfeel.

Our aim is to continue supporting local business ✌️ while we continue to pay it forward raising awareness for Mental Health, all proceeds going to ReachOut.com

Delter is an Australian own & operated out of Brisbane, dedicated to simple, innovative and affordable coffee brewing gear, winner of the Australian Good Design Award.

Delter Coffee Press RRP $49.90
Ten Mile Stainless Steal Filter RRP $16.50
40g Barty Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Co-Operative RRP $6.00

Watch this product review here: https://bartysingleorigin.com/collections/sale/products/delt...

Orders will be shipped within 7-14 days from purchase or you can Opt-in for next day priority pick & pack for an additional $9.95 Australia & Asia Pacific.

Limited time offer Australia wide before we ramp up for Xmas and continue to pay-it-forward supporting all the peeps still in lockdown.

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  • Got one in the last deal, assuming it's just me or maybe the beans but makes a very weak brew for lattes (standard cup, 60 ml push, rest of the cup hot milk). Anything I'm missing or is this mainly for Americano style? Didnt have that problem with my old aeropress

    • Im pretty sure these arent for making espresso? I've got one too and they make a very nice clean coffee but certainly not an espresso base for making a caps / latte / flat white etc.

      • Thanks, I did read some reviews before purchasing and was referenced made a good latte, though seems it's not the case though

  • +10

    A word of warning … I've been waiting since August for a shipment from barty. Still hasn't shipped, and getting excuses that 'they're busy due to covid'. Beginning to wonder if these guys really exist. Giving 'em two more weeks, then will be submitting a chargeback claim.

    • +2

      Received two of my orders.
      One took 3 weeks another took 2.
      Currently planning on cancelling my 2 weeks sub as they can't deliver beans every 2 weeks.
      I haven't had any problems with my other subs.

  • +3

    Ordered one last August and arrived last week.
    Loaded it up with 25 grams and got a great flatwhite out of it for me and the Mrs. Need to experiment a bit more I guess but so far so good.
    I ordered it more to give it a go and slowly get rid of the Nespresso, I think this may be the way.
    Also like what this wee company stands for, we need a bit more understanding and compassion in this world

  • Is this better than an Aeropress?

    • it the same premise, and makes a better style of coffee, close to a pour over, the guys who own this are local, and, I'm launching a full product review tomorrow, stay tuned 👊

      • It's arguably two different methods of making coffee.
        An Aeropress is an immersion brewer similar to a French press, the grinds and water are in constant contact and you can get the coffee to bloom.
        The Delta press separates the grinds and water until you're ready to press.

  • What does "say hey Erin to de-funk" mean? Lol

    • +2

      Well - great question, if you ever need to speak with a qualified mental health officer then Erin is your go to. Also, we've Jason available on chat who's an old chat with loaded of life experience, they're both amazing humans if you ever need to speak with someone about getting a perspective when things aren't adding up. Chat can be anonymous and 100% in strict confidence.

  • Has anyone received more than one delivery of coffee yet from the September challenge? I still wait for delivery 2,3 and 4. It says on delivery 2 fulfilled, 3 and 4 are not even packed. Great coffee but not helpful if you don’t get it… I used to get coffee from Pablo’s and Rusty’s, also coming from NSW and always on time. Never had a problem. Is Sendle the issue???

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