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50% off Live Plants @ IKEA (Selected Stores)


Are you dead inside? Well look no further.
IKEA live plants 50% off to brighten up your home and life. Sale period 11-25th October. While stocks lasts. Not sure if nationwide.

Confirmed locations:
Tempe NSW
Marsden Park NSW zoidee

No sale locations:
Logan QLD jackary

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  • +23

    better than the 50% off dead plants that my local bunnings sells

    • Bunnings has a 12 month return as well as ikea

  • +22

    You get an upvote just for that opening sentence.

  • Same for Marsden Park (visited three days ago)

  • +1

    Any indoor plant recommendations for someone who has never had plants before?

    • +1

      Aglaonema and Aloe Vera. Probably snake plants (AKA Dracaena) as well.

      They just need strong but indirect sunlight.

    • +1

      Pothos or Devils Ivy. Grows better when you don't attend to it,

      It is posionius to dogs and cats tho.

    • +1

      Pothos : Especially Jade, Goldilocks, Devils Ivy and Neon. All easy to keep alive, just water it when the leaves droop.
      Peace Lily : Another one that visibly wilts when it needs watering.

      Indirect/low light is fine for these.
      My peace Lily gets minimal, indirect light and is thriving…

      • These are excellent suggestions. I think ikeas peace lilys are okay too.

    • Orchids are spectacular and pretty easy to maintain. I got one last summer and it's going ballistic right now.

      Monstera are cool and there are some crazy varieties to explore, some of which are quite expensive.

  • +3

    Not at Logan (was there this morning)

  • Also at IKEA Marsden Park

  • +2

    Now I need to find an artificial plant deal just so I can adapt this first sentence

    Are you dead inside? Why not get a plant as fake as the smile you plastered on this morning!

  • If you’re dead inside, it’s a great idea to get a live plant so it can die with you

  • +1

    Can confirm that Rhodes store also have 50% off plants as well, the floor stock is mostly gone though

  • Sorry, what is the difference between a live plant and a normal plant?

    • +2

      Ikea also do some decent artificial plants.

  • -1

    …but ikea is not open.

    • +2

      It is everywhere else in Australia.

    • All the IKEAs are open, think the Richmond and Springvale store your can only do click and collect from $5 / home delivery from $9 only though

  • +2

    Just went through Adelaide and I'm 99% sure I didn't see anything on sale

  • Can anyone confirm if this is available at Rhodes?

  • Just came back from Ikea Rhodes and there's still a decent amount of indoor plants for sale at half price. There are lots of variety for small plants but there are only few kind of taller plants.

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