Cheap < $300 Laptop


Wondering peoples opinions on something like this -

For 12 year old. Basic word processing/internet needs. Roblox/Minecraft suitable?

Anything else better around for the lower pricepoint?



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    The AMD E2 processor in that laptop is so bottom of the barrel it has broken the bottom and is slowly working its way towards the centre of the earth.

    Let me help put this in perspective. The processor on this laptop is the AMD E2-7110 APU. The CPU in a 10 year old 2011 13" Macbook pro i5 is the Core i5-2415M. The Macbook CPU is still 30% faster than the processor in the laptop you just listed.

    For this reason, I would suggest looking for a second hand laptop. You would be able to get something far more capable for the price.

    $300 is not sufficient to get a capable laptop brand new. The laptop you have linked is disposable and would be likely upgraded away from as soon as you had the means.

  • Thanks! I'll keep searching!

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    Like what @pinchies said, you're probably better off getting a second hand laptop. If you do choose to get one, make sure it's a semi-popular model so you can replace the battery if you need to. Chances are the battery health of the second hand laptop will be quite low, so getting a replacement would be good.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad T or X series, Dell Latitude series, HP Elitebook etc are some examples of popular business laptops that you can look for.

    Don't buy one that's too old, probably at least look for 4th Gen Intel and newer.

    Also if it's a computer that never leaves home, probably consider just buying a Dell Optiplex 9020, HP EliteDesk 800 g2 or G1 or Lenovo ThinkCentre M800. These are older small form factor desktops that were (and still is) popular in offices, you can find them for anywhere between $150 ~ $300 depending on the specs. Can also upgrade them with low profile GPU's like a GT1030 to make them run 3d games like Minecraft a little better.

  • Any specific reason that it has to be a laptop? Can it be desktop?

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