4K UHD HDR TV Optimal Settings

Anyone know a reliable website to see settings for each TV brand and size? Cneerios


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    rtings sometimes.
    HDTV test sometimes.
    YouTube sometimes.

    Don't know if there's any on best, and no one monitor will have perfect settings across every panel, but I've found good results using each as a base.

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    The universal ones are:

    • Put the TV in the "Cinema" or "Theatre" picture mode
    • Disable any form of Motion Smoothing / Smooth Motion / Clear Motion / Motion Flow etc.
    • Ensure that any overscan is disabled - look for an Aspect Ratio option that mentions "Dot to Dot" or "1:1"
    • Disable other crap like Dynamic Contrast, Black Tone, Edge Enhancement, Super Resolution, Noise Reduction.

    There's lots of guides on the internet:

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    Lookup your TV model on Whirlpool, I found someone who did a tonne of research on my TV and found a couple of great settings from that.

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