Only 1 Visa - Explain Please How to Use It?

I purchased 11 x $100 "only 1 visa" to pay for my bills, with 10% discount from zip. Purchased it at 12.30 today.
Its my first purchase for this kind of prepaid visa card. Its a bit confusing as it says on back of packet to wait 24 hours? It says on packet if i use it before 24 hours it will be invalid? Its seems like a lot of work. i so far have registered 3 cards to see how it goes. So what should i do? Should i register all 11 cards then wait till tomorrow after midday to start paying bills online? or i can use all of them as soon as i register it today.
I'm so confused.

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    I prefer not to buy value set version one since it mandated registration to check balance. Later, it introduced a new balance-check-friendly variable load($25 - $500) version. There are two different sites to check balance for each version.

    I guess you could not find the variable load one. I think there is another value set type card called Everywhere VISA in Woolies, which is better than Only 1 VISA regarding balance check issue. Ignore the labels (Travel, Gaming) on them as I used them before and they are truly everywhere.

    FYI, if you bill is pretty big like council rates $1500, just pay it off in $100 one by one after 24hrs without registration. Tick off each card carefully meanwhile so that you do not need to check balance.

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    I've used them before, some prepaid visa gift cards will allow you to use it straight away, some won't like this Only 1 card and will need you to wait 24hrs first. Just wait it out, you won't be able to check the balance or use the card within the 24hrs. Again, depends on the prepaid visa card.

  • There was no variable ones there today, all sold out. only $50 and $100 left today. I went to 3 stores in westfields.

    • I added some info above. In short, if you can use them up in $100s pretty soon, save the hassle to register for balance check.

  • Thanks !

  • On the payment areas for bills eg council rate or other payments, it ask for the name of cardholder, do i put my name on it or write prepaid card as cardholder or?

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      Take your pick. It doesn't matter. You can put Santa Claus if you want to.

  • Oh thank you

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    Its a bit confusing as it says on back of packet to wait 24 hours? It says on packet if i use it before 24 hours it will be invalid?

    How is that confusing?

  • How much fee did you pay for each card? I am guessing most of your saving was eaten by fees.

    $500 denomination would have cost $7.95 and office works also sell this card in addition to Woolies.

    Alternatively you could have purchased Coles Master or Vanilla gift card in $250 denomination. Each of these cards have $7 fees.

    • OP is not exp'd or savvy in this area from the post or his comments in the main deal. Pretty sure Woolies TM discount can bring it down to $100.65 each card so that some people will still prefer to get them there.

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