[NSW] Free Champagne Lobster for Orders over $100 + Delivery (Greater Sydney) @ FishMe


Free champagne lobster for orders over $100

This offer is supposed to be for repeat customers only but seems to work for new customers as well.

Need to add a single champagne lobster to cart and using the code should deduct the price in cart.

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  • Sounds fishy !

  • +2

    Hope they are sustainably sourced or I'd feel kinda shellfish …

    • https://google.com/search?q=barking+crayfish

      Linuparus trigonus, byproduct of scampi trawling, deep-water.

      Does not look like there is much meat in it.
      over $200/kg for bycatch?!

      • If it's anything like a regular whole lobster ~50% is lost.

        200g at $14 is $70/kilo. That's around the going rate of actual lobsters.

        • I could have sworn the fishme website had them listed at $36 each, but it is actually per kg. Oops.

          So about $6 each. That's more like it :-)

  • they have a pop up for $10 off $100 for signing up . not sure if you can stack the discounts

    • Looks like it does not stack.

  • +1

    Champagne Lobster

    Do these lobsters have a drinking problem?

  • Hurry up shrimp

  • +4

    Sydney only, even then could be limited the FAQ says:

    What areas can you deliver to?

    We currently only service Sydney areas. Please click here to see if we service your area.

  • -1

    Looks like mostly frozen stuff. Has anyone ordered from here before?

  • Any reviews?

  • Placed an order for the first time, will see how it goes and report back!

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