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PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set 100pcs Magnet Tiles $50.99 Delivered @ Amazon Au


PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set 100pcs Magnet Building Tiles Clear Magnetic 3D Building Blocks Construction Playboards, Creativity Beyond Imagination, Inspirational, Recreational, Educational Conventional.

Note sure about quality compared to market leading tiles but I have bought some to try out. The kids are constantly fighting over these so there is never enough of them!

5 star rating after 19k reviews pushed me over the line to purchase.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    I dunno man. That rrp seems inflated. Kmart has a 100 piece set for $49.

    • +4

      i will pay the extra so i don't have to move my fat butt.

    • +9

      The magnetic in Kmart one is not strong enough.

      The best one in the market is Connetix, you can put 6 pieces hang in a row, before it fall apart.

      Just brought a 100 pieces Connetix for 130$, hopefully it will worth the investment

      • +6

        We have Connetix and Kmart. Connetix is like 1000 times stronger than Kmart.

        Kmart I cannot get more than 3 squares high but I can build connetix to my ceiling.

        Apparently all these brands, MTNL, Connetix, Picasso and Steam studio are all made in the same factory with the same magenets just slight variations

        • Oh interesting good to know. I've got the Kmart version. Maybe this one will be worth getting too.

        • +1 for connetix. I wouldn't take any chances for these Kmart ones with the risk of it breaking and small magnets getting around the house. Connetix are strong.

          I didn't know that about the one factory for the other brands but it makes sense I guess.

          • @bargdebarg: its happens to a lot of stuff, it just gets rebranded and they change a little something.

            a few that i remember are

            Hasbro, Gamestop, Amazon, Costco, and Tomy International source plastic toys, action figures, transformer toys, plush/stuffed toys, and tricycles from the same factory in Vietnam.

            Playmobil, Hasbro, Hallmark, and Crayola source plastic toys, electronic toys, toy cars, toy swords/lightsabers, and creative toys from the same factory in Hong Kong.

      • Any tips on best place to buy Connetix? A lot of places recently had 15% off (should have got them then!) but unsure how often they are on sale.

        • +1

          Some places do a welcome 10% off on first orders. Out of when they do the overall 15% sale, that's the best price you can get.

          Do a quick google and a lot of places will come up. You will find smaller shops will have a lower spend for free shippijng. Also to note, the latest restock I think was this month sometime.

        • +1

          Deals are rare with them but do happen.
          We tend to always use Children Of The Wild as it's a local owner. Probably done 5 orders with them over the years. Great range of open play based toys also.

  • Thanks OP ordered one

  • Thanks OP, bought a set. Started out with a Kmart cheapie set but Mr 2.5 LOVES his magnet tiles and I’ve been considering getting something higher quality for him. Fingers crossed they are compatible, it seems like a few brands out there are…

  • Thanks - well have Connectix but was waiting for the creative kids vouchers to get another set.

    Looks kike these are compatible.

  • Noob question…Is this safe to buy if you also have an infant in the house (about 1 year old)?

    • +1

      We have a 5 month old and I think it would be fine, particularly with these better quality ones.

      My 2.5 year old is pretty rough with his toys and he has only broken one of his Kmart ones and it just cracked the corner off without exposing the magnet. I guess you just need to be careful and keep an eye on them and retire any that are showing signs of cracks in case but these should be better quality.

    • +1

      I haven't had the magnets fall out of any even cheapo Kmart ones. But beware when you have mouthing babies.

      We built a lot of things for when the youngest was 1 to knock over. It's a lot of fun for the parents too, haha.

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

    We already have two sets of these bought for near full price. They have taken a lot of abuse and still not even a crack. Well worth the $$

  • +1

    Our kids have spent hours playing with this stuff. We bought a Magnatiles (?) and Picasso set a couple of years ago from the US on Amazon and they are compatible. It’s a great “toy” which develops their geometry and fine motor skills.

  • We have three sets of magnatiles and love them. Truly the best kids toys ever, kind of like lego/duplo but better on your feet and easier to clean up. Kids build car garages for their car toys, houses for their schleich animals, rocket for their astronaut, etc etc etc.

    I haven’t tried this brand personally, but I’ve done a lot of the reviews and these are second best to the magnatiles for a lot cheaper. I just bought 2 sets to gift to friends.

    • Can I ask your advice on which set of magnatiles do you recommend? Thank you!

      • +1

        Oops. I didn’t see your message until now. Just in case it’s still any useful I’d echo one of the comments below, and say that the original magnatiles or the connetix brand is the way to go. I bought one set from here:

        And I got another two sets from Amazon when I was visiting the US. The magnets are fantastic and extremely tough. I’ve had them for 6 years now with no complaints (other than the price). I also bought the rectangular car expansion and the car expansions but somehow those are not used as much as the simple squares from the starting set.

        With that said, it’s $200 vs $59 for the Picasso tiles (still on sale at Amazon). Given the price difference, I’d definitely give the Picasso Tiles a try. In general the reviews are pretty good.

        Worst comes to worst it’s not as good and you could just pick up the magnatiles. But if they are reasonably good you’ve saved yourself a lot of cash. They should be compatible with one another and I’d say that (cost aside) the more tiles you have the better. Like I mentioned I got 3 x 100 sets in total for my kids so definitely not going to waste.

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    Magnatile or Connectix brand is the way to go. No, they're not cheap but your kids won't get 1/10th of the fun experience with weak magnets. Also from experience you'll want 200 pieces min.

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  • Back in stock at the discounted price. Thanks OP for the deal.

  • Currently unavailable. :(

  • If anyone sees them back on stock let me know :)

    • Back in stock only $5 higher, got them yesterday for 51

  • There were in stock just now!

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