[LFG] Back 4 Blood

Just released on Gamepass and looking for people to play with, any skill level but mic preferred but not necessary. Feel free to add me in game sk3iron#2072 or PM me here to organise a game. Feel free to drop your ingame tag below for others to add you, preferred play times, etc.


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    I've always been a solo player on my xbox but these days seems harder to find genuine single player games.

    Is it hard to get into online play? I play games casually to relax, don't want to get smashed by 12 yr olds all the time or have to 'train' to get good enough to play online.

    … wow I feel old now too.

    • agree with it getting harder to find good relaxing games. then add in hackers by the thousands… some of these people must play that often the controllers have grown into the skin in their hands.

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      Back 4 Blood is co-op, so the 12 year olds can carry your ass through the game.

    • Its not too hard to find a game I dont think, it tends to take me maybe 15-30 seconds and its all pretty casual. Especially if youre playing on recruit than no ones really gonna talk or care.

      Having said that, even though this game has a solo offline feature, it doesnt benefit you in any way. No achievements or game unlockables can be obtained in solo campaign. Which is so stupid….

  • https://discord.com/invite/xBs64at7

    Large BFB discord server with groups always forming

  • How does it compare to Left 4 Dead 2?

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