Gillette Fusion Proshield Blades (4 Pack) $13.75 ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


Also half price
Gillette Proglide power 4 pack $16
Skin guard blades 4pk $14

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    Saw the Gillette ad with the NZ kid last night…such an annoying kid. 😅

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    Bought a pack of these the other day for $5.50 from the woolies clearance shelf .
    Not enough stock to be worth a post but worth keeping an i on (bigw-woolworths and even Coles)

    When the schick quotro hydro were run out for the new sensitive model a few years back they were dumping packs for a couple of bucks apiece.

    They just make easy work on the old melon , and can be kept sharp by running them backwards down a surface ,
    I just run it down my arm hair for convenience in the shower ,
    but denim jeans material is ideal.

    One pack will last me a year or two shaving head and face.
    And blow the razer out before putting it away so it's stores dry(ish) in bathroom .

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    Thanks but never buying Gillette again. Boycott.

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      Yeah I'm still on this train too. Many other brands out there to choose from.

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      Also, it’s spam cos since the boycott they are always on sale somewhere . Price dropped overnight as now always much cheaper than full price

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    I don't know why people are still duped by this expensive, proprietary rubbish.

    Just get yourself an old fashioned safety razor, and cheap Double Edged blades. Better shave, and save $, and stick two fingers up to the likes of Gillette.

    Feather, Merkur etc. And a proper shaving soap, Mitchells, Proraso etc, instead of the aerosol rubbish.

    • There is also King C Gillette safety razor which pretty good

      • Yes, that's the only thing I'd buy from Gillette, none of this Turbo Max 5 blade etc rubbish. You buy their proprietary handle, with it's head connection that locks you into their expensive blade sets, and then a few years later, their next 'gee-whiz' thing comes out, and you buy that one too. Total rip off. Like proprietary printer inks, they practically give the printer away for nothing, then sting you for the ink.

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