eBay Purchase Shipped but Not Delivered after a Month. eBay Have Put Case on Hold

I ordered a good dehydrator on eBay. The seller shipped it within a week, but Fastway has been sitting on the package for a month and a half now.

I understand that Covid lockdowns have caused backlogs, but a month seems excessive. Additionally this also means that I lose more than a month of the 12 month warranty. I contacted the seller (who didn't respond) asking if they can either reissue a invoice so that the warranty period isn't wasted or if they could resend another unit. When the seller didn't respond I opened a case with eBay, who has been putting the case on hold and keeps extending it on the due date.

Is there any way to have them actually communicate with the seller without stringing me along. I hear about how Amazon is terrible for merchants because of how the platform always sides with customers. eBay seems to be diametrically opposite. Is this their USP that allows them to exist in the market?

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  • The seller sending a new one seems unacceptable, what makes you think it wont sit there for another however long the first one has been sitting there for. It is outside of the sellers control, your only option is to wait to see what ebay says.

  • You actually sound like a seller's worst nightmare.
    Calm down and be patient. It's not just your item! There's a backlog and delays in deliveries all around.

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      But I want my item NOW!

      • you forgot the "rrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"

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      Is that a genuine reaction? I order the vast majority of my items online. When there has been delays in the past and I contact the seller, they have always been apologetic and contacted the courier. When it has been very late, a couple of them have express posted me a different one and asked me to return the one that arrives serving. My sense is that having the seller be responsive when contacted is table stakes.

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        Is that a genuine reaction?

        Of course it is.

        There's been a lot on the news about postal delays because there are record numbers of online orders from people in lockdown. Australia post has pretty much been crippled by the numbers. The sellers are busy, the post is busy. I've been sitting here waiting for thousands of dollars worth of my deliveries to arrive and harassing the seller isn't going to make things any faster. It's all sitting in post for the last 3-4 weeks and I can see it on my tracking lists. And here you are complaining about potentially losing a month's warranty. I mean, sure, go and complain and lodge a case if you think you might be getting scammed, but it doesn't seem to be the case like you said because it's with the courier.

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      Yeah, waiting on an item from eBay, received by Australia Post on 20 Sept. No updates available since. Australia Post are looking into it. At the moment with huge back logs of parcels, industrial action and Covid hit sorting centres, everything is moving slowly.

  • but fastaway has been sitting on the package for a month and a half now

    Call Aramex (FastWay). Something's up with your parcel.
    Call the depot it's in - https://www.aramex.com.au/contact-us/aramex-depot/

    Ordered something online, sent on the 4th Oct and arrived on the 7th Oct. (Melbourne to Brisbane).

    • Adelaide don't even pick up last time I tried (3 months ago)
      recorded message that says go to web, then hangs up

  • Fastway doesn't seem to have delays, thus even one week you should call them

  • How did you pay for it? If you paid through ebay you are at their mercy.
    No contact from seller is not so good. If you can charge back or open paypal case do so.

  • Been waiting 6 weeks for my parcel from Myer. It’s still stuck waiting for processing at a Melbourne Aus Post depot.

  • I have been waiting my parcel since last month Sep 14.
    Still sitting at Chullora

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