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Lark Distillery Forty Spotted Gin 700ml $54 Delivered @ BoozeBud via Amazon AU


Lark Distillery's Forty Spotted gin matches traditional gin botanicals with a rare Tasmanian native spice to create a refined and elegant gin that is unlike any other. Forty Spotted is hand distilled in small copper pot stills favouring the steeping method of gin production and use the traditional botanicals of juniper berry, coriander and lemon peel to create a traditional London Dry style, but incorporate something a little bit special to give our gin its unique finish. The gin is highly aromatic, with fresh grated pepper on a floral bed of herbs and spices underpinning the delightful juniper notes. The gin tastes of rose petals and spicy juniper combined with a dry, clean and fresh spirit. It makes for an excitingly complex spirit to even enjoy on its own.

Haven’t tried it myself but with a RRP of around $99 it might be worth it for Gin lovers shows up as $59.99 but there is a box to click for a 10% off coupon on the listing bringing it down to about $54.

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  • +9

    Got a couple for $26 in a past deal, pretty nice gin.

    • Same here. Nice gin and was enjoyed by all. Amazing for the $26

    • +2

      That deal killed it. Half the crowd won't pay $45-$60 on it let alone the RRP $99 price tag.

      • 100%! great gin for 26. Difficult to justify paying double

  • +2

    Good gin, anything under 60 is good buying I think. Wouldn't pay 99 though, as there's better options around.

  • +5

    Not a fan of this gin. For $20 as its has been in the past it is passable, but for this price I would just extend the budget and go for Four Pillars.

  • +3

    Bit over priced tbh
    Good buying for 30-40 when on special

    Better can be had for $50+

  • dont buy it bros youll get a -69 social score

  • +2

    No deal. It's recently been much cheaper

    • yeah this "deal" is more than double the price of the last deal.

  • +1

    Also tried it for $26. IMHO neat it's probably a bit better than Tanq and Bombay Sapphire. I quite enjoyed it.

  • showing $99.95 craaaaazy rip off.

  • Anyone who likes this gin should try Moores or 78° just to name a few. This is known as a very poor gin. Tastes like a average vodka, botanicals are almost non existent. Even at $25 it was to much.

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