What's The Protocol for Receiving Extra Items Not from Your Order from Coles

Just received a Coles order.

Everything arrived except a few items which is fine because I didn't expect them to have that many but the issue is I think the driver gave me one bag of someone else's.

What's the protocol usually for this or is there none for accidental deliveries.

To clarify I'm fine but I'm worried someone else won't get their cornflakes, chickpeas and cat litter lol (I don't own a cat).

Luckily it was only a few items but yeah more I got cat litter but no cat.. Ideas?

I'm ringing Coles now.


Rang Coles on 1800 455 400

Bypassed all the options and went straight to an operator/Coles Representative

Told the coles rep I had extra stuff they said they would call/text the driver to come pick it back up but if no one comes to pick it up in a few hours to just keep it

So I put out the items outside that were not in my order

Just checked outside now and stuff is gone so they must have picked it up or someone else got it

I have no idea as I am just watching Squid Game on Netflix

So yeah if anyone else has this same problem might be a good idea to ring Coles on 1800 455 400 and speak to a Coles Representative and explain your problem

That is all good night everybody!

Time for more Squid Game

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    I'm ringing Coles now.


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      No, that’s ridiculous!
      An Ozbargain rep will be around shortly to ring Coles on OP’s behalf.

      • Wouldn't give you my details even if you asked me.

  • Last time I receive one small bag of potato - keep. I'm pretty sure this is non incidental thus didn't bother to call. I guess it will be depend on what it is to report.

  • I get extras from woolies occasionally and just kept them.

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    If you read the terms and conditions it clearly states “customers that receive cat litter must acquire a cat within 24 hours of delivery otherwise 3 cats will be provided for $240.00 plus $8.00 for delivery”.

  • My approach is when Woollies miss my item(s) I don't bother to phone for a refund unless it's $10 or more. If they then happen to gift me some additional items I see it as them making reparations and don't report.

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    The Gods are telling you it is time to get a cat. They also think you need more roughage.

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    Luckily it was only a few items but yeah more I got cat litter but no cat.. Ideas?

    Get a Cat?

    • That is what I got from this whole debacle.

      But I already have a neighbour cat.. all the benefits none of the work.

  • Cat litter can be used as DIY DampRid.

    • Looks like it.

      I read it is useful for vomit and other stuff also will have to read up on some stuff.

      Cheers thanks.

  • Update TL;DR

    Rang Coles on 1800 455 400 and explained my predicament
    Spoke with Rep
    Left items outside
    Wait few hours
    Items now gone

  • If this was me my response = "I missed the part where that's my problem"

    Enjoy the SQUID G

    • LOOOL

      haha thanks

      yeah true

      your mistake is my problem.. "take it easy kid here take this you will need it"

  • incidentally was handed a bag of someone's order during pickup, checked when i got home

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