DoorDash Promo Code Issue When Applying Credit

Hi Guys,

I got the promo code from Telstra digital care package for $15 off $40 order and then bought a $25 door dash gift card with the ShopBack free Uber eat $30 gift card deal.

Thought I’d get to eat for free at door dash however disappointingly my $25 credit was applied but I could not apply a promo code (promo code screen would keep closing off on the app) so I was $15 out of pocket.

My question is on the door dash app is it possible to apply both promo code and credits? I have a dash pass trial membership to get the free delivery as well

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  • Yeah I've done this before, use credits, a promo and dash pass all at the same time.

    DoorDash has many issues with promo codes, and I find codes which should work, do not for whatever reason even when they've personally emailed me the code or shown on their own website. Best thing to do is to try via the website if you can, I find it more reliable to use than their app.

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