Long Expiry Low Data Prepaid Mobile Plan for Kids

Any recommendations?

  • 6 to 12 months
  • Low data
  • $5/month possible?


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    Under $5 your best bet is sim hopping or just get catch $89 year plan and call it a day.

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      Thanks for suggesting Catch, $89/year is ok I guess, will keep that in mind.

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    Depends how low data is low data. Also, an accidental YouTube would exhaust the data limit. Some plans allow you to continue to make call, which is more expensive. Some plans won't allow you to make calls which is cheaper. Then there are plans which automatically charge you excess data, which will give you bill shock.

    Keep an eye on this type of amaysim deal on Groupon

    • That deal is prefect.

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    Dodo $5/month but no data included. Amaysim 60GB 12-month plan is on sale for $99, and with CB, it’s only $78, probably the cheapest annual plan.

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