Bank Account with Rewards

I want to open a new bank account, and I dont care much about the interest rate etc as it would be usually low in balance.
is there any other bank which has rewards associated with bank account like Commbank?


  • What rewards do you mean? Like spend $100 save $20 at Coles?

    • yeah..

  • HSBC cashback?

    • not sure what this is ?

      Is it this

      • Yes been a few threads about it in past, seems like best deal for those who work in city/buy a daily coffee

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    Commonwealth Bank has rewards like this with their everyday accounts. I rarely look at them though cos I usually pay for everything with my Amex/Visa as they offer better rewards.

    They have like spend $50 get $10 back at JBhifi, menu log , etc.

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    bankwest everyday account for qantas points

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    Commbank and Westpac both offer the 'spend x get $ back' type of rewards.

    If you mean like points etc then there's Bankwest (3 Qantas points per transaction)

    and Virgin Money (8 Virgin money points per transaction - and their intro savings rate is higher than most others at 1.5%)

    HSBC has 2% cashback on tap and pay purchases under $100

  • Thanks Guys,, will have a look at the options suggested.

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