Anker on AliExpress No Longer Shipping eufy Cameras to Australia?

I'm after a cheap security camera like the eufy indoor camera which often came up on ozbargain for ~$50.

However it seems like they don't ship it to Australia anymore. It can be bought from australian retailers for around double the price though.

Are there any other overseas chinese retailers that also sell it and ship to Australia?

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  • Could you use an onforwarding agent such as WeGoBuy. People use them to purchase items from TaoBao

    • I'm not sure about Anker or Eufy cameras but I know people were having issues after buying some Hikvision and Dahua cameras and NVRs made for local Chinese markets. While there would not be any form of warranty these could come with Chinese firmware which would quite possibly end up being a PIA or impossible to reflash with English FW. So do your research about the FW situation before buying Chinese Eufy models.

      • I purchased a Eufy pan and tilt indoor camera from AliExpress earlier this a year and have have had no issues with the firmware. However, I’m not sure how things would go if I needed to make a warranty claim.

        Reolink has products in their AliExpress store that ship from Australia but are still cheaper than buying direct from their website.

        • Ï was referring to the comment about importing cameras sold in China using a parcel forwarder. These are usually different to global models sold on AliExpress and with eufy they don't even sell them locally in China at least not under the eufy brand name.

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    They definitely USED to ship these and other camera products to Australia, but stopped doing so in around March 2021. I know this because I wanted to buy one the Eufy Cam Pro pack with Homebase and cameras. I had it in my cart but hesitated.
    Now, they DO ship the new Eufy Solo Cam to Australia, but not any of the older models.

  • I got a solo indoor cam from Eufy on Aliexpress just couple of months ago without a problem. So, just do that.

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    Anker on Aliexpress no longer shipping Eufy Cameras to Australia?

    Did you send them a message to ask why?

  • That's a shame, I was looking at getting more of these. The Solo Cams are the replacement for the 2K the OP is after though, right? So as long as they still ship those here it'll be ok for now.

    EDIT: Nope, the only one I can see listed that ships to Australia now is the Solo Outdoor. Wonder if the local distributor put a stop to these being sent to Australia.

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