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Trade in Any Cordless Mower at Participating Dealers and Get $100 off EGO 56V Mowers and Mower Combo Kits @ EGO POWER+


Part of Ego’s Power Move promotion. Combines with battery redemption. I took my Aldi mower skin into Total Tools in Ballarat and walked out with the 47cm self propelled mower/blower kit for $849. Battery claim now submitted and approved.

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    "Offer includes all cordless outdoor power equipment skin/bare units. Excludes any petrol outdoor power equipment, batteries and battery chargers. An EGO Dealer may choose to take back petrol products at their discretion."

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      mower != bubble maker

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        Oh common guys! It’s got mower in the ad and uses batteries!

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  • For the $50 trade-in, can you trade in old line trimmer on a new one?

    • Yes, as long as the old one isn’t petrol. https://egopowerplus.com/media/contentmanager/content///Powe...

      • I traded in a petrol mower and line trimmer today without a drama. Apparently EGO reps have told dealers it's OK to take petrol products but some retailers are hesitant due to the petrol and oil being dangerous goods. I did find this on another dealer page though:

        Trade-in a corded, cordless (skin/bare units) or petrol lawn mower to receive a $100 discount off an EGO branded lawn mower for returned lawn mower.

        Trade-in a corded, cordless (skin/bare units) or petrol hand-held outdoor power equipment to receive a $50 discount off EGO hand-held for returned hand-held equipment.

        If exchanged equipment is classified as petrol, please empty the fuel tank before arriving in-store.

  • https://www.totaltools.com.au/174365-ego-56v-420mm-16-5-mowe...
    $799 - offer for battery redemption is shown in photos but
    1 Spend $800 or more on participating EGO products between 1 October and 31 December 2021

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      Ask them to increase the price by $1

      • Would be handy.
        Otherwise looks like $14.95 is the cheapest eligible item (purchased in the same transaction) or $34.95 for a replacement blade which would be used down the line.

  • How good/bad are Ego mowers?

    • Good

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      Right up there with the best, if not the best.

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      Ego owned by CHEVRON

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      I'd buy one again easily. Beautiful to mow the lawn with. Put some music on the headphones and get to it.

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    never go for battery powered lawn mover again. Waste of money.

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      care to elaborate? Was it also a ego mower?

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      I'm the opposite, would never go petrol again. Have had my 82v victa mower for 2 years, mows 400sqm or buffalo, 1 battery does the whole lawn. No buying/running out of petrol, no spilling petrol or smell. Easier to use and lighter. Now my Honda just sits in the shed.

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        Problem with electric is that its rediculously hard to fix things

        Replacing a carb or fuel line in a petrol mower is easy.

        Ive not had much luck other than my electric brush cutter (which is pretty good with a proper blade)

        Have had multiple battery failures and 2x dead chainsaws

        • 5 year warranty on tools

    • Ive got a cheap Ozito mower and its great for a small, flat back and front yard. 5 year guarantee and it was a couple hundred bucks. No stuffing around with fuel, oil, noise, fumes. No way I'll go back to petrol.

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    I've had like 3 ego batteries die on me over the past few years and replacements are so expensive… Pretty good tools but I've spent almost a thousand on replacement batteries which is unacceptable in my opinion.

    Anyone know where I can get cheaper batteries? Haven't been able to find any for cheap since Masters closed down

    • what battery capacity did you have ? i heard 2.5ah mostly failed after 3 years

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        Had both the 2.5 and the 5. The 5 definitely lasted longer than the 2.5 but only by about a year. My 2.5 failed after about 3 years as well

    • Aliexpress or repack the cells, or jump start battery if its been sitting for long time

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      Don't their batteries have 3yrs warranty on them? Why have you had to pay to replace faulty batteries?

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        It's not that I'm buying a lot of batteries but it's just that the batteries are so expensive that it has costed me almost a thousand bucks to just replace the 3 batteries that failed after like 4 years outside of the warranty period. I would get it if the performance was degraded but batteries failing outright after just 4 years isn't acceptable imo.

    • Same for me but I couldn't bring myself to spend the 400? for a single battery so got a 36v ryobi for the same price. Which isn't as good in fact it feels like the switches are going to fail at any moment and it's so flimsy but it does the job and replacement batteries can be had at a 1/4 the cost.

      If I did it again I'd get the cheap ozito and make sure I mow weekly.

  • Tread carefully with the mower. Mine is crap.
    I still drag out the 30 year old Victa smoker rather then use my EGO.

    The Victa with hardly any blades left still cuts way better.

  • Anyone know if you can claim a reward then return the purchase for change of mind?

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    Make sure you ask, my dealer accepted a petrol mower.

    • My local Total Tools accepted a petrol mower exchange, but Sydney Tools wouldn't.

  • Just traded in my old crappy (not working) Aldi petrol mower at Total Tools without a hitch, they were happy to take it. Well maybe not happy, but they still accepted it.

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