Pre-Ordering via Apple Education Store?

Hi all,
In anticipation for the new MBP being announced by Apple tomorrow morning, I am looking to pre-order the new machine (as long as its what I expect) as soon as they go live.
My question is, does anyone know if you can pre-order via the Apple education store?

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  • I did it for an iPad after they were announced the other day.

  • Also pre-ordered an iPad (mini 6) right after they were announced. Delivered on launch day.

  • You probably can, but why don't you wait until January since they give out free Airpods (hopefully airpods 3 ).

    • +1

      Need to upgrade ASAP, been holding out + last week Apple discounted GC's means I am happy to pull the trigger once announced.

  • Ah sweet! Thanks all.

  • these macbook pros going to sell like hot cakes.

  • -1

    Live stream link for the launch if anyone was interested

  • It's soooo expensive

    • A heap of new & exciting inclusions.
      It wasn't actually as bad as I was anticipating $ wise.

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