Will The Sonos Sub Gen 3 Ever Go on Sale Again?

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a sonos sub gen 3 for a month now and apparently they are not on sale anymore.
I checked price history and found them as low as $725 or $750.
My question is if they will ever on sale again this year? Or do you know where can I get them for a good price?

Thanks heap everyone! 🙏🏻


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    Maybe Black Friday. Most of us aren't psychic to know the future.

    • Thanks mate! Guess all I can do is wait for now.

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    Would be hard for it to go back down to previous prices seeing that Sonos is actually raising the prices of some of their speakers.

    Addicted to Audio had it on sale last month for $899 and I bite the bullet instead of waiting. I think below $800 might be tough but never knows.

    • Are you happy with the purchase? What sort of system did you add it to?

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        I added it to my Sonos Arc. I am very happy with the purchase. Sound are very subjective but I like the sound Sonos put out.

    • Thanks for the advice, next time if it $800 or below I will definitely get it.

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    Pretty sure I saw someone mention 15% off Sonos with unidays if you can get access to that

    • I think that deal expired 27/09.

      • It's not ongoing at unidays??

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          I checked all deal on Ozbargain, they are all expired :(

      • Still works, just got the arc today. Comes with 1 day Free Shipping. Capped at $1700

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    I just bought it and the the Arc. I found 10% through perks at work but it only works on Sonos’ website which wasn’t great. Managed to negotiate both down to $2100 use the 28degrees card so I can benefit from any future price drops.

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    they will go on sale a week after you purchase one

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