Daiso Increased Their Prices to $3.10 Per Item

I was in Daiso on the weekend and noticed they upped their prices across the board to $3.10 from the usual $2.80.

Granted; Daiso had been $2.80 since their opening; but considering that Daiso is a ¥100 (~$1.20 AUD) shop in Japan, it baffles me that they would stretch that markup even further.

Unsure if this is national or just the branch I was in (Melbourne CBD)

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    Shipping, customs, warehouses, logistics, staff, taxes, security, ACL coverage, advertising, shop rent, utilities, returns etc… It's not unreasonable.

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      Most of their stuff is made and shipped from China; Japanese wages & rent aren't low either.
      But whatever, like I said it's been $2.80 from the beginning; i'm surprised they decided to stretch that even further.

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        Some Japanese wages are unliveable compared to Australia. The average part time/casual(they don’t make this distinction) per hour rate is about 800-900 yen for an adult. Even lower for students. You can’t crack 1000 unless you work graveyard shifts at 7/11. These workers also get no super or any form of loading.

        Very big difference compared to the cheapest casual of $25 per hour here.

  • Daiso was open on the weekend in Melbourne?

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      Yeah, for whatever reason Daiso remained open throughout the lockdown.

    • I live upstairs - this is my go-to place for cleaning stuff! haha

      There's always a few people in there during lockdown - not sure if just bored or actually buying stuff.

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      It sells enough food to have been open throughout lockdown. Not sure what it is, but it’s either a % of total items or # of line items in the food category. Reject Shop is the same.

      • FWIW it stayed open during the Sydney lockdown too.

  • Given the difficulty in getting items sent from Japan to Australia currently, a price increase is not unexpected at all

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    Unsure if this is national or just the branch I was in (Melbourne CBD)

    Most likely national. Products on their site also showing as $3.10

  • This baffles you?

  • It’s actually ¥110 due to 10% consumption tax, or ¥108 due to 8% consumption tax on shelved food and drink (ex. alcohol).

  • I might get downvoted for this, but quite a number of Daiso products aren't even $2.80? Yes, most do sit at that price, but many of the more useful things cost $4 or $5.

    • There used to be two different Daiso brands in Australia. The red one and the purple one. (This is the only way I can make the distinction. I think the red one was the Japanese company and the purple was the Korean, but I could be wrong. Anyway…)

      At the red one, everything was $2.80.
      At the purple one, yes, some items sold at a higher price depending on the item. These premium items were also not likely to be sold at the red Daiso either.

      They’ve since merged though, so not sure if they’re keeping their previous lines or if they’re both doing premium items.

      • The difference was company owned and franchises…. they have removed indications of the differences now though and pricing is same at all stores.

    • Yeah I actually dig their house/mop slippers lol but it's 6 bucks ugh.

  • Yeah think it's national - this was posted in one of the Sydney stores

  • This was actually announced a month ago.

  • Inflation is real!

    • If wishes wages increased by 10% at the same rate!

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        I can recall diaso maybe 8 years ago at 2.80, so first increase in 8 years. Have you not had a wage increase in 8 years?

        Products generally have one increase every handful of years because raising by 5c a time makes no sense( or cents haha)

        That’s why you get big % every now and again.

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    If you want $2.80 forever then why not lobby to not receive any wage growth for 30 years.

    That's the Japanese experience.

  • I thought it was called business… they probably want to stay in it

  • I think there are bigger hikes than this to be worried about.. like fuel to 2 bucks a litre

  • The cost of shipping containers to Australia has increased significantly, this alone would be enough to put prices up.

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