Gold Coast Birthday Function Location

Hey All,

Was wondering if any of the Gold Coast crowd here had any ideas for some hidden gems that could be hired out for a 21st Birthday. Google seems to only have Surfers bars and Surf Clubs. Looking to spend about 2000-3000 dollars so I really want to get moneys worth. Ideally want a location facing water but very flexible! Event will between 50-80 people.

Thanks and appreciate the help :)
Currently considering Northcliffe Surf Club!


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    Not a local, but if you've got a small budget, your best bet is to approach your local lawn bowls or RSL clubs, they've got the space and they're happy to have young people come through the doors

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    At that age, I'd rather have had the 3000 and a party at home for 20-30 people.

    • Ahhh unfortunately my little rented 2 bedder apartment won’t fit it

      • how many of those 80 ppl do you actually care about, reduce the size to 10 good people

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    wallaby hotel, cavs stakehouse, brisvegas are some places i like

    in all seriousness, the German club at Merrimac is cool

  • What about those party cruise boats?

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