Why Do I Keep Getting Ads for Pink Diamonds

I keep seeing these ads for pink diamonds. They're always promising an 11ish% return. I have also recently seen ads for whisky barrels as an investment.

Does anybody have any thoughts/knowledge on this? It just reads like an instant scam to me. But I'm curious if anyone has any further details/knowledge.


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    Yes- I have heard of them
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    Yes- I'm balls deep
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    No- Sounds like a scam
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    No- Bikies


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    Tied to something you searched for recently.

    • Have not looked at any investments/jewelery recently. So I find that odd.

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        Maybe you searched pink and balls deep?

      • Has anyone else used your web browser (whilst unlocked)? Someone at your home giving you hints?

  • What about the misso?

    • Doesn't use the same computer, so I don't think so.

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        But you will be using the same external IP address.

        have a chat with other people in your household.

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        my friend was looking for engagement rings with his own pc, but his misso was getting targeted ads on her phone and laptop.
        Its prob through the wifi.

        Similarly, I was watching youtube on smart tv and was getting a LOT of targeted ads for a chinese brand drawing tablet..which i thought was very odd as I have zero interest, then the next week my brother got his one in the mail.

        • I didn't know ads could track your IP adress. I'll keep an eye out on that one then.

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    She's been secretly going on your computer and searching these to subconsciously trigger for a ring /proposal

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    You can try turning off the

    Baked or cooked snack or dessert that is typically small, flat and sweet. It usually contains flour, sugar, egg, and some type of oil, fat, or butter. It may include other ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts, etc

    • Cookies are off.

      • Now I'm getting pink diamond ads haha. Granted I realised my cookies for OzB were on.

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    I get the ads too, but I tend to browse precious metal and coin forums. I'd never buy a diamond however. They're not rare and the market is tightly controlled. Buy gold bullion and you can walk straight back into the store and get 95% of its value back. Buy a nice diamond and you'll be lucky to get 50%.

    11%pa return? Great! If it's so good then they'd keep the diamonds themselves and get all the profit. They don't need me.

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    Gold is the worse investment anyone can make. It's a stable asset that hasn't moved in 10Y.


  • Sounds promising.. put al your money into it and let us know how you go 😂

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    Kind of like how there's always hot sexy singles in your area…

    Or maybe that's Just me

  • there's nothing quite like shiny pink bits

  • Likely be someone on the same network as you. If not a human then it’d be malware or something using your internet.

  • uBlock Origin

  • Ironically after opening this post, I'm not getting the ad for it too!

    'Protect your wealth with Pink Diamonds'

    • Wait until you see the whisky barrel ones, seems even more sketchy.

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    I've been getting ads for "Oviro" which is some random period pain relief device for about a year now.

    I'm a dude.

  • If you keep clicking on links to stuff you’ll keep seeing ads.

  • You probably entered a competition or 2 on here and get 50-120 spam emails a day now.

  • Your partner is googling it?

  • Not sure if posting about pink diamonds is going to help you to see less ads about it.

  • Wait so the only reason to invest in pink diamonds is because the mine was closed.

    All that has to happen is a massive vein of pink diamond is found and your investment goes to zero, or the demand isn't there and it goes to zero.

    Seems super sketchy and to be honest if it was as good a investment with those returns then the Mark Bouris guy would be dumping his money into it rather than telling you to.

  • You are getting ads about pink diamonds because it’s the next big thing and will make you rich! Just buy some, and they ads may go away.

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