Value OptiComm Plans

About to move to an area that has internet provided via OptiComm.

Currently paying $75 p/month for a 75/75 connection which I'd like to get a similar value for money at the new place.

Lots of positive stuff in forums for Leaptel and the 100/20 plan for $79.95 would be great but then the price goes to $89.95 after 6 months which I'd have trouble justifying. I guess I could take a speed cut and go to the 50/20 plan for $69.95 to goes up to $79.95 after 6 months.

Exetel also seem popular but a bit more expensive. 50/20 $85.00 or 100/20 $95.00.

Are there any other plans or providers I should be considering?

Thx heaps.

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  • I have also used Uniti for over a year.. they are pretty good.. specially look out for $10 off for the term of the plan (0, 12 or 24mth) and sometimes a month free on top.. on 50/20 plan I would easily get 53/19

    • Thank you. $79.00 for 100/20 is the cheapest I've seen so far.

  • +1

    Which provider is giving to 75/75 for $75.. I am in Opticomm with Leaptel but can't justify their pricing and looking for the change now

    • I'm on 75/75 for $75 where I am at the moment (not OptiComm).

      It's through a small company called Lightning Broadband and they only service a very small area.

  • I was on a 100/20 for years and went down to 50/20. Haven't noticed a difference tbh.

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