Best Mobile Plan for a Tablet?

Looking for a mobile plan for my tablet which I'll most likely use at home (with WiFi).
The mobile plan will be for when I'm occasionally out, or for weekend trips when data is required (probably 1-2GB at most?)



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    Optus flex. Recharge it the day/week/etc that you need it, and it's one $1 charge every 180 days to keep the number active (I recharge every 120 days (so, cost is $3/year) so as not to cut it too fine).

    If you have a tablet that supports eSIMs, you can get a 7 day tester now for free.

    • Thanks!

      This is effectively what I was looking for.

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    When you are out and about tether the tablet to your phone. If you go on holidays buy a cheap data sim from Coles or Woolies before you go and activate it the week before you go.

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      Yeah there really is no need for a data plan for a tablet. You're unlikely to go anywhere without your phone

  • If your phone plan is with Optus, you can get a data sim for $15pm (5GB) and then pool the data.

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      I used to have 3 extra sims for a $5 one-off fee that used my phone data. Optus stopped offering it and I was grandfathered on it for years. They tried several times to get me off it, lol. I only cancelled last year when I moved to Telstra. Worse.. decision.. ever.

      • I still have 2 of these sims attached to my 140GB per month account.

        • To add insult to injury of losing the ipad sims, I moved to telstra and it's been terrible.

          I work at RBWH precinct in BNE (largest hospital in Qld) and frequently only get 1 bar of 4G signal, I drive through clem 7 tunnel daily and lose reception at the bottom of the tunnel (drops to 3G and zero throughput), I can't get a signal at my parents house unless I go outside.

          Best mobile network my arse. I had none of these issues on optus.

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    The best mobile for a plan is a extra sim and share data from your mobile plan…

    Not that Optus sells it anymore, but your telco might… Optus allowed people on a plan to get a data sim for a once-off payment of $5, which would then share data from their mobile plan.

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    for the course of last 2 years, I've been sim-hopping(sluting) with my ipad.

    I just go apply whatever the 90day/ 180day etc phone plans that's on special at the time, like Belongs, Kogan, Amaysim, and throw away the sim card afterwards(unless ther deal require number transfer)

    Previously Belongs $40 sim for $15 was very good, I use $10/month option and joined via referral, and it lasted me half a year at least (someone actually signup with my link via OzBargain referral system) then I've been using Kogan 90day for $15, and Amaysim with huge cashreward cashback on 180 day plan etc.. the groupon deal from amaysim lately was also great.

    It works perfectly as you don't need to care if your number is lost during sim hopping as it's in an iPad anyway.

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    even if you apply the cheapest month to month plan it's going to be around $10/month which works out to be around $120 a year.

    Sim card deals pop up literally every month, and most of those deals works out to be less than $15 per 3 month, that's about less than $60 a year. just keep an eye out 1 month before your plan runs out.

  • Have you checked whistleout? This is my go to site for mobile plans

    Circle.Life has $10 for 5GB

  • Optus $15 12-month plan with 5GB each month. Currently half price (today is last day for promotion) so be quick. You may get bonus 20GB/month as well. Optus sports and SubHub (Amazon Prime) included so I reckon this is the best you can get atm.

  • If you don't care much for included extras (eg. Optus), Telstra have a $15 5GB p/m plan with peace of mind data (after monthly allocation is exhausted, speed is shaped to 1.5mbps + no bill shock).

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