Is There a Decent Scissor Switch Keyboard ~ $20?

Just wondering if there are any scissor-switch keyboards that are relatively decent to type on for around $20.

I understand this price point is low and I was going to buy any random keyboard off eBay and hope it doesn't break within a few months but I was just wondering if there are any possible standout recommendations.

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    Could get this one, add $1 item to cart, pay with Afterpay and get $20 off your first Afterpay order. Total $30 + shipping.

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      Interesting, will definitely consider this

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    macbook pro

    • Did you even read the OP? Since when are they $20?

      • keyboard for $20 isn't worth it, you will end up buying twice. just get a good one, and buy once.

        • You suggested a laptop though, not a keyboard.

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