Is Fiat Reliable or Should I Stay Away from a 500x?

Hello, everyone

I am in a situation that needs some advice. I am looking for a car and found this car on FB -

It's 2015 FIAT 500x (manual) with a month rego for $8k
It's only 20,000km
It's seems a good car, but because their reputation makes kind of bothering me.

What do you think?


  • Although Fiat's poor reliability reputation has been improving recently, the Fiat 500X came last in the reliability and build quality category out of the 75 cars featured in our 2018 Driver Power survey.


    It's seems a good car


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    Are you going to start a new, disposable thread with every car you stumble across on FB Marketplace?

    • Probably

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      Also ghosting.


  • Fomo to the Moon.

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    Fix It Again Tony

  • Lol, avoid

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    As an owner of a Fiat 500… my solid advice is “avoid”… But that advice is pointless based on you won’t let anyone know what decision you made and will be back in about 2 months give or take, asking the same silly question about another random vehicle you have no intention of purchasing…

    And it’s and $8k 6yo Fiat with 20,000km on it… this just stinks of scam. They are shit boxes, but not that big of a shit box. It’s either a WOVR vehicle or an offshore oil rig workers vehicle.

    • Thank you for your advice. I will avoid it. I'm still looking for a car it's been 2 months but I haven't found a car. so sad

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        2 months? You are looking properly. I reckon if I didn’t have a particular model in mind I could get an $8k car in under a week.

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          This… How hard is it to find an $8k car. If you can't find a decent car for $8k, you are being too picky or wanting the impossible/unrealistic…

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        Car market is bonkers, not sure the commenters replying here are in the market for a car lately. Took me many months of missing out (test drive the car and already sold to someone else next day, common occurrence or they say the car is available but then tell you it's sold when you want to go look at it…) to finally buy a car. Of all the places I found my car on facebook marketplace instead of a dealer/car sales etc.

        I had to get rid of all my 'wants' (really wanted a Mazda, then some other particular car models…) and just be happy with whatever met my requirements - under 100k km, auto, sedan, etc.

        Good luck!

        • yes. it has been happened every time that a test drive the car and already sold to someone else next day.

          • @smrrhf: $8k is a cash market. You need to make the decision on the spot. No deposit, no arranging a mechanical inspection at a later time etc. Turn up, check it over, test drive then pay and take it with you otherwise you’ll miss out. Makes it a bit hard if you don’t ‘know cars’, but ts the way it is.

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    Have you looked at a Jumbuck, Great Wall or Alfa yet? Might be more what you're after.

  • Forget it

  • We all know what F.I.A.T stands for (Fix It Again Tony)
    Please refer to the JD Power study for dependability, 6th last with its stable mates of Stellantis Chrysler (2nd last only ahead of Land Rover), JEEP(Just Expect Every Problem) (7th last), Dodge(y) (8th last).

    • or from the German "Fehler Im Alle Teilen" (Errors in all parts)

  • Just get the Abarth.

  • It's most likely a scam. There is no way this car would be $8,000 - despite how poor a car it is.

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