Question: Best Way to Ship a Computer (Perth → Melbourne)

Hey all,

I got a great deal on a HPE MicroServer in Perth on Gumtree. My kind friend is holding onto it in Perth and will ship it to Melbourne for me. I'd love some advice on the best and most economical way to get it here. Can anybody offer some opinions based on experience?

  • Recommended postage service? Would it make sense to use Aus Post or is there another courier service that would be suitable and similarly/better priced?

  • How much would I expect to pay? Is ~$50 reasonable?

  • Packaging for transport? The system came without packaging. It's just a chassis, motherboard with memory, and power cable. Would it make sense to house it in a cardboard box with oodles of bubble wrap, or is there a smarter approach?

Any advice folks could offer would be much appreciated!


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    HP Microservers are great. They're about 7KG without any drives and 23.24x 23 x 24.5 cm.

    You're looking at minimum 8KG and 30x30x30cm with packaging which would be $28.35 cheapest slowest option with no insurance or signature on delivery. Goes up from there. Also note the huge backlog & delays with AusPost at the moment means you should probably wait bit longer. Still waiting for VIC/NSW —> NSW orders for 2-3 weeks now.

    Cross-check other couriers to see if you can find cheaper or quicker. Bubblewrap packaging in a box should be fine with no drives or GPU. It's how they were originally shipped.

    • Thank you for replying with great specific detail. I really appreciate it :)

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    Interparcel will give you some quotes. I've found decent deals from them.

    Generally Aus Post isn't great price-wise for heavy things.

    Cardboard box with styrofoam may be better than bubble wrap just because it won't move as much. Make sure any quick release parts are screwed in/removed. I shipped a PC once and forgot about the quick release hard drive. Came loose but luckily the cables mean it couldn't move.

    • Ahhh good point. I think I'll be ok since there are no drives in there, but I will ask my friends about whether they have some styrofoam. I'll also check out interparcel and see if they are competitive :)

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    Mate, have a look at Sendle. I use it all the time for big and bulky stuff and it blows Aus post pricing out of the water.

    If you can get accurate measurements and weight it will give you an on the spot quote.

    Like the others say, chuck it in a cardboard box and put a heap of bubble wrap around it and she'll be right. Worse case you can throw insurance on your Sendle quote too. Good luck and enjoy mate, they are a great machine.

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      Cheers, will compare them agains @Zehyrus' recommendation of Interparcel. Cardboard, craploads of bubble wrap, and craploads of packing tape should do the trick :)

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    I think bubble wrap and prayer are your two best options, up to the individual to pick the order!

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