Import Costs (for a Prusa Printer MK3S+) from Overseas Website

Hi All,

Trying to get this clear in my mind on the costs/fees/taxs etc in bringing in a Prusa MK3S+ printer that is available from the Prusa (Czech Republic).

The printer is current $749USD approx $1012.84 AUD ( 18/10/21) and $91.19USD for postage, $123.34AUD (Fedex).

So two options just buy or wait until the Aussie dollar make $1.00AUD to 0.75USD?

First option: If the item is above $1000.00 am I also up for import duty?
I am correct to say it is 5% for import duty, plus GST Therefore:
Import duty: $50.60 AUD and GST $118.56 AUD, total $169.16
As FEDEX are delivering do I pay FEDEX $169.16?
What additional charges do FEDEX apply, customs duty? I find their terms and conditions hard to follow. Any hints appreciated.
So I see it as $1182.00AUD + $123.34AUD(transport) = $1305.34total? plus additional FEDEX costs for remitting Duty and GST?

Second Option: If the item is below $1000.00AUD ($998AUD) then GST and FEDEX GST remitting costs? or is duty still owed?
998AUD + 99.80AUD GST + $123.34AUD(transport) = $1221.14AUD

So I am trying to get a handle on the cost of importing something around/over $1000.00AUD from a company who do not have a mechanism for GST.

Can I use paypal for GST remit? Can I fill the Border security forms out myself?

Any advice and discussion would be grand.



  • Too much maths in your post. Here's how I see it:

    Prusa MK3S+ kit shipped to AUS via DHL (recommended over FedEx) is USD $840 or around AUD 1137.

    According to Prusa knowledgebase, customs charges will be around AUD $193, which makes it a total of AUD 1330.

    Local price incl GST is around AUD 1750.

    You save around AUD 420 by importing directly from Prusa - but you take all the attendant risks.

    Your call.

  • Thanks Jan1var,

    Yes, too much maths. Price you pay for being a university academic.

    Custom charges of $193 are paid to DHL?

    Yes, I understand the risk is with me if I bring it in. But $420.00 (approx 25% of costs)?

    A part of my question is to understand the overheads and the process.

    Again thanks Jan1var


  • It'll be 10% GST. I can't recall if I paid duty or not but it'd be 5% if applicable. You can look up the tariff code online if you want to be sure. GST applies to the goods plus shipping. Duty applies only to the goods. I don't think couriers charge customs processing any more, I haven't seen them do that for years, at least on private imports. I assume it's just built into their shipping fee now. You pay all fees to the carrier unless you use postal service but then you do need to do the clearance yourself, pay the processing fee (last time I checked around $50) and then you will need to lookup all the codes etc. You do have a good chance that they simply won't bother with all the taxes etc via post as volume is just too high however you have greater risk of loss compared to courier so make sure it's insured.

  • There are a few possible scenarios.
    A) It will fly under the radar and you wont get charged any import duties, GST or customs clearance charges.
    B) You will get charged GST on the cost of the goods + an $88AUD customs clearance fee
    C) You will get charged GST on the cost of (the goods + cost of freight) + an $88AUD customs clearance fee
    D) You will get charged either of the above combinations plus 5% duties on either the cost of goods or cost of goods + freight.

    The $88AUD customs clearance fee is imposed by customs, which is why it isnt mentioned on the Fedex website.

    The reason why I mention B + C is because ive had situations where the shipper does not declare a HS code, Fedex have assigned a HS code based on what they think it is, the HS code has been completely wrong, but it attracted 0 duties.

    It really comes down to how the shipper declares it. If they declare it properly you will page GST + duties on the cost of goods + freight + an $88AUD fee (which is worst case).

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