Smith & Nobel 3.2L Digital Air Fryer SNRG20B $64.99, 8L Digital Air Fryer with Cake Pan SN-KAF-8441 $99.99 C&C @ Harris Scarfe


Air Fryers on half price
Harris Scarfe
Link for 3.2L

Link for 8L

Free Click and Collect, or $10 Postage.

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    Price in Title

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    Half what?

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    Normally $129.99, down to $64.99 for those wondering.

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  • I'm not familiar with Smith and Nobel. Any good?

    • Reviews are not bad

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      They are only found in Harris scarfe and are on sale every week with really inflated RRP. Not bad for what you pay though

    • Just another Chinese sweat shop product

    • seems like a harris scarfe house brand they slap on anything

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    Great first deal, thanks for posting. You just need to put the price in the title - deal looks great though.

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      My first post, will learn from my mistakes

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        For sure. Highly recommended you look at a similar deal next time, copy its template and then modify from there. Makes it way easier.

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          Good idea Novacore, the Mods should make a forum page containing templates by deal type for the newbies/ less experienced posters to copy and paste.
          Would also save the Mods some work in the long run checking the basic structure every new post. I know my posts have definitely had to have the "revision" treatment.

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      Great comment. Let’s build people up rather then knocking them down. I love it.

      Omg someone negged you already. I’ve countered!

  • 8L for 99 is a good deal, i have like a 5.4 Litre and tempted to get this cause its bigger … bigger is better they say

    • It's free delivery too

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    I’m sure it’s decent.
    Our last air fryer was a Phillips XXL, it last 2-3 years before it got so worn and used (physically and electrically).
    In my opinion the Achilles heel of any air fryer like this is the cleaning of the basket.

    Since then we have a new sunbeam model that looks more akin to your classic toaster oven, but it’s an air fryer - and it works well.
    The square shape is more efficient than an oval basket, but by and large cleaning the flat shelves is so much easier than the baskets which get really caked on grease and are trouble some.

    For anyone interested: (yes it does cost more, but there ARE cheaper knock offs in this style s well)

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      That looks much more useful than the all the other airfryers. Does the roast history chicken attachment spin as well?

      • I’ve only used it for chips basket but it’s the same attachment and yes it does rotate.
        It also has dehydrate but I haven’t used that either

    • Don't flat shelves (like a normal oven tray) mean you need to rotate more often since the heat won't cook the non-exposed food?

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        It’s got a rotary basket for chips or chicken.
        But for hash browns or other things the shelf works a treat

  • This 8L or the Healthy Choice 8L?

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      Can only comment on Healthy Choice 8L as I bought the AF950 model. Love mine but its slightly different to other AFs, their drawer basket is square in shape and they only have a non stick insert but not an inner basket, only bad thing about that is the insert has silicone on the 4 corners to let the insert sit above the base of the basket to allow air flow and if you don't handwash the insert it is easy for the silicone to break and fall off. Other than that I like it very much as it is super easy to use, cook food fast and nicely and it has a keep warm function too. It is also not heavy so very easy to move it around.

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    The 1200 watt is to low in heat ,I would recommend min 1500watt .

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