Apple AirPods Gen 3

Apple have announced new Gen3 AirPods, and these now sit between the old Gen2 AirPods and the AirPods Pro.
The form factor has been redesigned so the buds and case are now closer in features and appearance to the Pros, but without the ANC.
Also, they don't have the silicon seal that the Pros have, for those that don't like the fit of the Pros.
Of course they are still continuing to sell the old gen at the same price so they can charge more for these new ones.

Type AirPods Gen 2 AirPods Gen3 AirPods Pro
Price (RRP) $219 $279 $399
Spatial Audio No Yes Yes
Active Noise Cancellation No No Yes
Transparency Mode No No Yes
Sweat / Water Resistant No Yes Yes
Charging Lightning Lightning / Magsafe / Wireless Lightning/ Magsafe / Wireless
Battery per Charge 5 hours 6 hours 4.5 hours

Anyways, what are your thoughts on these new models? Will you be getting them?

Edit: added a poll!

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  • 9
    I will be buying the new Gen3
  • 14
    I might buy if they discount
  • 6
    Not worth the upgrade from Gen1/2
  • 13
    Not interested - already have Pros
  • 16
    Not interested - happy other brand


  • +3

    ANC is a major game changer. Not worth it without it, even though steep jump to Pros.

    AirPods Pro sometimes come up for $299, wait for those.

    • I was going to say, for the longest time the pros were 296-ish at Jb, officeworks, etc
      $279 for airpods gen 3 is insane when no noise cancelling involved.

  • Will you be getting them?

    When they are discounted to Gen2 pricing and when my Gen2 die…

  • Isn't the 2nd gen also available with a wireless charging case for more $$?

    • +1

      Ah, I think you are right.
      I was going by the Apple website that was updated today - I take it that they are discontinuing the wireless charging case model and will only sell the lightning one from now on.

      • Ah got it. Thanks for the post and collating all the info 👍

  • +3

    I bought Gen 3 this morning. I have owned a pair of Gen 2 for the last 2 years and using them everyday for work from home has trashed he battery life. Happy to pay a bit extra for the updated design and new features.
    I cannot stand the in ear silicon tips of the pros so I'm happy apple hasn't added them onto the regular AirPods.

    • +1

      I had the original AirPods and the battery gave out a long time ago. I've been using cheap SoundPeats buds since. ​
      New Gen3 is very tempting for me, as like you the silicone in-ear designs just don't fit my ears very well.

      • Apparently I'm you, just not as good looking. Let me know when you buy Gen 3, I'll sync.

        Actually I'm wondering if this new design would fit well for the gym / running.

        My soundpeats truengine are great apart from the fact they constantly fall out of my ears. Oh and the huge case.

      • Have you tried the silicon tips of the pros, or just other earbuds in general? Because I thought the same as you for a long time, bought a 2nd pair of regular Airpods etc.I really dislike silicon tips in general.

        But then I bought a pair of pros to try and found them very unexpected. In regular mode (ie not ANC or transparency) they feel weird and uncomfortable like regular silicon tips. But with transparency mode, they feel very close to regular airpods, very light and open. Then if things get loud, hit a button and ANC takes away background noise.

        I usually keep them in transparency mode though, so retail price for the pros is a bit steep over the regulars

        • Hey, no I haven't tried the Pros actually, but just based on lots of other ear-tip models in the past, I've never had that works for me out of the box and I always need to use comply tips instead.

  • Nice upgrade, they're smart to keep some of the premium features only on the Pros so it doesn't canabalise eachother.

  • +1

    I can't see AirPods Gen 2 worth beyond $99 or the pro for $249

    • +1

      If there's one thing that I hate, it's the price creep.
      Very sneaky of them to keep the old model so they can justify the price bump, when they should really be selling the Gen3 at the same price point.
      When the Pros get refreshed I bet they will increase the price on those too to $449.

  • Hard to justify upgrading from Gen 1 to 3 just yet, especially considering that Apple replaced both of my AirPod's for free about 6 months ago, so battery isn't a major issue. Don't like the in-ear earphone style of the Pro.

    • How'd you get Apple to replace them for free?

      • Battery life on one was going bad, made an appointment just after the 2 year mark and they replaced them both.

  • I've owned a pair of Gen 2s for nearly 2 years with rather heavy usage, and they've held up really well. I don't really see a need to upgrade, my AirPods are still holding up perfectly fine. Probably the only product from Apple I actually like.

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