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50% off Australian Will $80 (Normally $160 Per Individual) @ Safewill


Safewill's Bday Sale:!! Get Australia's highest rated Wills for just $80 by using the code BDAY50 at checkout.

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  • Bday or Bdie?

  • Are couples included in promotion?

  • Seems expensive? This one is $31.50 apparently: https://www.statetrustees.com.au/wills/do-it-yourself-with-a...
    Maybe there are hidden costs?

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      yeah but it's not "Australia's highest rated"….

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    Cheers! Christmas present sorted for my parents!

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      For your parents or for yourself?

  • Genuine question: My mum owns a house with a small mortgage on it. No will. If she were to pass away, what would happen with it?

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      Intestacy, as simple or complex as your family. more paperwork without a will though.

    • A cluster%$#@, if she has no spouse get a will.

      • She does but the house is only in her name I think

  • Peter, any discount for couple? And how long is the discount code valid for? According to your site I won’t be charged until I submit the will for review. What if I submit it a few days later, will the discount code expire then?

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    in Qld free wills at the Public Trustee, usually they try to persuade you to use them as executor, but just politely refuse.

    • Well, they don't try to persuade you per se, they just put themselves as executor without asking you unless you opt-out.

    • In WA as of June this year the public trustee will only prepare wills if you put the public trustee as executor. Prior to June 2021 you could choose your executor. Caution however from talking to people who family have used the public trustee as executor it seems they are never in any hurry to resolve or deal with wills. Some people I spoke to say it was 12 months or more before a deceased estate was even started to be dealt with.

  • Still expensive at $160 for a couple for an online will that would take less on 10 minutes to review

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    Want to save even more money? learn how to do probity yourself.

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    Get a proper Will…..these cheapo's don't cover all contingencies that pertain to families.You get what you pay for…..and No I'm not a Lawyer but have experience in this field.

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      I am a wills and estate specialist lawyer and you are spot on. Save $300 ish dollars now, spend an extra $2-5000 fixing the mess. Sometimes it is better to have no will than a cheapo will!!

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    "Safewill is not a law firm or a substitute for a lawyer’s advice about complex estate planning issues"

  • I do not need a Will. I need a Won't.

  • Slater and Gordon offer a free online will.
    Can anyone see a benefit of safewill over Slater and Gordon Online

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