Logix Platinum Dish/W Tablets 100 Pk $16.99, Liquid Soap Refill 3L $6.99, Trimat Advanced Conc. 5kg Laundry Powder $16.99 @ ALDI


Dishwashing tablets, handwash refill and laundry powder on sale from 27th.

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    2 x Aldi Logix Dishwashing Powder 1kg bottles @ 20g a wash = $7.38/100 washes a savings of $9.61
    Aldi Logix bottle of Rinse Aid = $1.99 (not really fair to include this as you don't actually have the tablets helping the rinse cycle)

    Don't think your getting any rinse aid with the tablets either as the whole thing has been shown to go down the drain long before a rinse cycle, with powder and rinse aid superior as well as being cheaper :-)


    • Aussie water is so soft you don't need any rinse aid at all.

      In some countries, dishwashers come with a separate compartment for a special salt (refilled every couple of months) to soften the water to improve washing and not to leave residue while drying.

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        My Bosch has compartments for both.. Some locations in Australia need one or the other. Not all Australian water is soft.

        • Good to know, here in the Vic bubble!

          I once had a Bosch and from what I remember, it did have a salt container, but the manual didn't even mention it. I've just checked some pdf manuals for current Bosch models on the Australian website - they don't mention the salt.

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      ALDI logic dishwasher tablets on offer in Australia

      YouTube video is a general video on dishwasher tablets/ powders in America

      Is there a video for products in Australia?

      Choice in Australia have compared dishwasher tablets and powders in Australia and have found tablets more effective than powders

      A bit confused now- do I believe a random YouTuber who has never tried the ALDI tablets available in Australia, or do I trust Choice that has actually compared both logic tablets and powder

  • Great price 17c per tablet.

  • Wow that’s quite a change from last year where Earth Choice and Finish Quantum Ultimate was jointly 1st with a score of 78%, and Logix Platinum was lower on ranking order at 73%.

    How did things change, I wonder? Different formulation across the board? Or is this just part of the statistical error range (fluctuating between 70%-80%).

    • More likely stat error
      Realistically there's probably not a big difference between 78 and 71 % which makes Aldi logix more bang for your buck

      But a reasonable difference between 78 and 50%

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