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I am looking to buy the flood light camera that Aldi is currently advertising as well as possibly the solar panel cam.

I am mostly wondering, can these cameras be used with out a SD card and instead record over wifi to a network hard drive or computer?
My main concern with these cameras is any one can rip off the camera off the wall(most mounting points on my home are reachable) and just walk off, with the footage still on the camera or its SD card, which would make them sort of useless…

So I am hoping someone has tried these in the pass and knows.


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    I would avoid these sorts of products from Aldi. Don't let the price reel U in, like it did with my parents. For $149 put that towards something more reputable.

    Consider something from a reputable brand like Arlo, Ring or Eufy. A decent App and usability are the key factors with these sorts of products.

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      I got some cheap wifi cameras on clearance from Bunnings for $40 each. They are wifi, and they are cameras - but that's the extent of their usability.

      Can't access then from a PC - have to use the phone app.
      Can't read the video files on the SD cards - encrypted.
      Can't record remotely - don't support ONVIF or anything similar.
      Can't automatically reconnect to wifi - if they drop off (which they do often) then you have to power cycle each time.

      In the event of needing them for say a break-in, then they're no better than a plastic fake one as there's no assurance of reliability. Even accessible footage isn't really useful as it's just not a good camera.

      • Thanks for the reply. The Eufy system with the home base, does that record to home base before/while recording in the camera's SD card?

        Wondering the same about it.

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